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October 20, 2020

Another week on the books. I’m down 1.3 pounds this week. It’s a small loss but I’m also about a day out from my period and bloated as hell. I’m not complaining at all. I’m going to weigh in again tomorrow for my official one-month weigh in and measurements. Hopefully the bloat has gone away by then! Laughing

I just received my variety pack of Built protein bars. OH MY GOD. If the coconut almond one is any indication of how good the other ones will be, then I’m SOLD! My doctor wants me to increase my calories by about 100 more per day so I think these bars will be a treat as well as an easy way to boost my calories and get in some more protein. The coconut almond bar is higher in calories (180) but I only eat half at a time. I had the first half for a snack and the 2nd half for dessert. Yes, they are THAT good. But the other bars (haven’t tried them yet) are about 130 calories. They are covered in real dark chocolate (my absolute favorite) and they’re super chewy. The texture is kind of like a chewy nougat or something. I put mine in the freezer and they’re even better. I feel like I’m having something I shouldn’t be eating Laughing

My month post op appointment with my doctor went really well. He’s pleased with my progress and he actually told me to scale back a little bit on the walking. I should be doing about 30-45 min 5x a week and no more than that because of the limited number of calories I’m taking in. He did OK me to start some strength/resistance training so I’ll head to the gym next week and start that. I’m thinking if I get up early (which hasn’t been a problem lately) I can get in a decent workout then come home and start my day. I can walk in the evenings with my husband as that seems to be working out for both of us. He’s such a great support. I really am fortunate.

I had my first “real food” meal today. I’m officially in the Soft Foods phase so that means I can start introducing more things into my diet. Tonight I made 1.5 oz of chicken breast, .25 cup refried beans, protein powder and this delicious avocado salsa that I found at Sam’s Club. I mixed in about 2 tsp of the salsa with the other stuff and it was DELICIOUS! I could only eat about 2/3 of the mixture but it was so nice to have the same foods that I made for my husband. Of course, he got a burrito with the same ingredients and cheese and Spanish rice but at least I didn’t have to cook separately or eat one of my pre-portioned puree stuff. It’s good to start feeling a bit “normal” again with regard to the food I can eat. Tomorrow I’ll be trying some brussels sprouts (shaved and cooked very well) and some ground turkey. Husband will have a turkey burger on a pretzel roll and I’ll have about 1/3 of a turkey patty with a little cheese. So same meal, with just a slight adjustment to make it more tolerable for me.

Tomorrow marks ONE MONTH since surgery. That’s so strange to me. It feels like just yesterday. I will post my one-month weight loss and inches lost tomorrow on the official day.

How am I feeling – tonight I’m tired. Nothing extreme but I feel like I’ll get a good night’s sleep tonight. Other than that, I feel pretty normal. Oh… but the period cramps are NO FUN. I normally manage them with Aleve and unfortunately, I can’t take those anymore. Some doctors allow their sleeve patients to take them. My doctor said if, by month 3, Tylenol isn’t taking care of it, he will allow me to take Aleve but sparingly. He did tell me I can take up to 1000mg of Tylenol at a time so that may help. I didn’t know I could do that. I’ve been taking 500 mg per dose and it does eventually work but the pain relief on that dose seems to take longer to work and it doesn’t seem to last as long as Aleve. But I’d rather deal with this pain than an ulcer or a perforation in my stomach staple line. Surprised So that may have something to do with the tiredness I’m feeling right now. Period cramps are exhausting. At least mine are anyway.

Mentally/emotionally – nothing to report other than I’m feeling pretty positive about my progress and my outlook is good.
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