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Camping Weekend
October 25, 2020

Our October camping trip was this weekend. Once again, the challenges of not being at home with all my tools and supplies handy really can be difficult. I did OK actually but it was tough getting in all of my protein in my meals. I did manage to drink all of my water and once I was able to log in to myfitnesspal, I did get to track my nutrients and protein. I did fine but it felt like I was going blindly through the weekend. It was strange. And now that I’m on mostly “real” food now, it was another learning experience.

It was so nice to eat (mostly) what everyone else was eating. For breakfast on the first day, we made a big birthday breakfast for my mother-in-law. I made her favorite – breakfast burritos with chorizo and eggs and hash browns and someone brought mimosas. So obviously I didn’t have all of that stuff (well… ANY of that stuff Laughing ) but I was able to have one of my breakfast tacos which I absolutely LOVE. I found these 1 carb tortillas that I ordered online. They’re tiny (think street taco size) and they really are very good. I used one of those and I filled it with about half a scrambled egg and a little sprinkle of cheese topped with this delicious green salsa. I was only able to eat about half of that small taco but it was nice to eat semi-normal food with everyone and not some puree or broth out of a 2oz cup. Laughing Then for lunch I did have one of my 2 oz cups of food that I had prepared (Protein salmon salad). For dinner I had about a 2 inch piece of a hot dog that I cut in MINISCULE pieces and chewed to oblivion, and some brussels sprouts (only about 2 oz) that had been pan fried with chicken broth till they were soft. So while the rest of them had buns and bbq beans and salad and veggies, I had just enough of the regular food to feel semi-normal. And all was well in my digestive tract. The only drawback with eating “normal” food is that I had to snack on high protein stuff because there’s no way I was going to get in all the required protein by eating those tiny bits of “normal” meals. I did OK. I think I was on the lower end of my required protein each day but I did meet my required amount. I’ll do better next time but again – learning.

We went on a great little hike too. That was so fun. We’ve done this hike before, and although it is a fairly short and relatively beginner hike but the last time I walked it, it was doable but NOT easy! This time, I swore we ended up taking a shortcut because it was MUCH easier! That was a great feeling! I’m really starting to notice the changes in my body and it’s so strange. My friend who had weight loss surgery 15 years ago told me it happens so fast and your brain really can’t keep up with the changes that are happening in your body. I see what she means. I haven’t been on the scale since my month weigh-in so I have no idea what I weigh now. But my pants (my FAVORITE capris) were so saggy around my butt during the walk and they were drooping low on my waist. I swear they fit last weekend! It’s all kind of surreal.

And now… let’s talk about CONSTIPATION. This is not fun. I took a laxative when I got home today from camping and it helped a bit but I still feel not quite normal. I’m sure this is a temporary thing but I NEED FIBER AND VEGGIES! I get it though. They fill me up so fast so that means if I’m eating veggies I won’t get all of my protein in. Eventually, when I can eat more, I guess this will work itself out. But in the mean time… It is NOT FUN!! Other than that, everything is fine.

How am I feeling? Right now I’m hungry. It’s time to make dinner. Chicken breast for us tonight and some broccoli. Husband gets Chicken and broccoli and rice (one of his favorites). I am relaxed from a perfect camping trip with family and I feel pretty good overall.

Mentally/emotionally – I’m feeling positive. I’m ready for the work week and I’m feeling balanced.
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