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October 27, 2020

Another slow loss this week. Down 1.7. I was hoping it would be higher since last week was low but it is what it is. And although I did have a BM yesterday (with the help of laxatives) I still feel VERY bloated and constipated. It’s misery. I think part of this problem is that I got a little too ambitious with the food I’m eating.

My nutritionist warned us that we should hold off on beef until about month 3-4. Well… I figured due to the way I prepare my steaks I will be fine. I sous vide my steaks (water bath cooking) which makes them DELICIOUSLY TENDER and perfectly done to medium all the way through. I can almost cut them with a fork and they are amazing. I ate some steak (about 1.5 oz) last week and was fine (or so I thought) and then I ambitiously moved on to beef jerky as a snack. I know… not the best decision for me at this point. While I haven’t eaten a lot of red meat, I did notice that’s when the constipation got noticeably worse. AND I ran out of stool softeners so I’d been holding out till my amazon order arrived. This shipment was late. I ordered a 500 dose bottle and so I really didn’t want to go buy more Colace (it’s about $12 for 30 doses) when I had this jumbo bottle coming. So I waited about 4 days and still no Amazon shipment. I finally went out and got some yesterday because this is not fun. ANYWAY… here we are with a very bloated stomach. I tried to eat dinner last night and all I could get down was vegetables and a few bites of some of the mashed potatoes I made for my husband. I tried to eat the protein but my stomach immediately objected. So today I’m going to be having soup again. This is NOT fun.

The other thing I’m wondering about it my calorie intake. I’m getting on average about 400-475 calories a day. I don’t think there’s been a day so far that I’ve broken 500. Last week during my 1-month post op nutritionist zoom meeting, they said we should be at around 600-800 calories a day. So… there’s work to be done. I think I can easily get in more calories by increasing my portion sizes a little bit. I have been sticking to about 2 oz and other people in my support group are getting in about 3-4 oz. So I’ll try that this week just to see if it makes a difference.

I am thinking I probably need to increase my water intake too. I’m getting right around the minimum (about 68 oz per day) but there’s definitely room for improvement there too. I will see if that makes a difference. It certainly can’t hurt. I’ll see if I can shoot for 84 oz. That’s 5 regular size water bottles and I’m currently doing 4. I think I can swing that.

Clothes. My clothes are starting to get too big. I remember when I lost a bunch of weight before. It seems like from one day to the next, things change. And being the frugal person that I am, I don’t want to spend any money on clothes just yet. Just like last time, I waited until they were falling off of me or I looked like a clown. I was browsing on ebay yesterday just taking a peek at some “gently used” clothing in smaller sizes and I can’t even bring myself to pay $12 for some jeans that fit! Laughing So, I think I’m going to stop at our local thrift shop tonight after work. I will take a peek and see if there’s anything there that might hold me over. I mainly need tops but I could use some pants too. This place has some great stuff but you do have to really look. And it’s hit or miss. But they have a certain colored tag and each day the colored tags are a different percent off. So last time I shopped there I found some great name brand stuff for about 75% off the really low thrift store price tag. THAT I can do to hold me over. The good thing is that I work from home so I don’t need office attire. I went through my old clothes and I have about 3 blouses and 2 sweaters that actually work still. The rest of my wardrobe right now is leggings, jeans, and casual tops. So we will see if there’s anything to be found there.

How am I feeling? Physically… I hurt… like constipation hurt. I feel like my stomach is distended into the next room and I want to just release a valve to get rid of all the pressure and bloating. But instead, I will go for a walk and pray that I don’t suddenly get the urge to go when I’m far from home Laughing Last night after dinner, I was hurting so bad and my husband got worried. But once we walked it was much better. I hate this part of it. I just want to eat vegetables all day every day for about a week. That’ll take care of this little problem. But I know… I know… MUST EAT ALL THE PROTEIN! Irked

Mentally/emotionally - I’m a little bit disappointed at the weigh in today but eh… I’m already kind of over it. It’s worse when you have no idea what could be causing slow weight loss but I do know. I’m healing. I’m constipated, and it’s all part of the process. And honestly… 1.7 pounds gone is just fine. I think back to my weight watcher days and I’d be perfectly thrilled with 1.7. So there you have it. It is tough not to expect HUGE losses because I’m only eating a handful of calories and the weight should be falling off, right? Even though I know that’s not how it works in this process, I still expect it on some level. It’s funny how our brains work. But other than that slight twinge of disappointment, I’m feeling fine.
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