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End of Week 6
November 3, 2020

Good morning and Happy Election Day (for those of you in the USA). Don't worry. My surgery/weight loss progress will not end up in some kind of political rant. If you're looking for that fun, please log in to Facebook and you'll get your fill. I promise. Very Happy

So at the end of week 6 I am down another 3.7 pounds. It's much better than the last couple of weeks and frankly, I'm glad it's a reasonable amount of weight (not too high and not too low). I see so many people in my online support groups stressing out because they have "only" lost 40 pounds in 3 months. Or they've "only" lost 2 pounds this week. HELLO? I just don't get that. It would be scaring the shit out of me if I was losing like I did that first week. 11 pounds in 1 week on a consistent basis is too much. But it's easy to get used to dropping 5-10 pounds at a time, I guess. So when people don't lose that much, they tend to panic, maybe? 3.7 in my mind, is a little bit on the high side but considering I've had slow losses over the past couple of weeks, I'm not too concerned. I just need to focus on following the guidelines and leave it alone. Let the chips fall where they may as long as I'm doing the right thing.

I've been watching YouTube videos again and I think I may need to stop that. There are a couple of surgeons/bariatric surgery "experts" who I've watched in the past when I was gathering my information about the surgery. Now that I've had the surgery, I've started to watch some of their videos about after surgery and what to eat and how to change your habits. Well - while much of their information is very good, some of it directly contradicts my own surgeon's/nutritionist's advice and it's confusing the hell out of me. One doctor online say the general guidelines for protein intake are way too high and totally unnecessary and that instead of between 60-90g of protein we should aim for between 30 and 40g. Then there's the push for plant-based diets. Some surgeons say avoid meat and animal product totally. Some say graze all day long eating 5-6 small meals. Some say 3 meals a day and absolutely no snacking - not even "healthy" snacks. Some say absolutely NO PROCESSED FOODS. Surprised It's all so confusing the more I watch. Worried

Plant-based diet? That would be a HUGE adjustment for me. I definitely can understand the benefits of this lifestyle choice but I think it's a HUGE step for me to take right now and I'm honestly NOT prepared for that, not now anyway. And I'm not sure how I would get in the required amount of protein on that diet... unless of course I only really need 30g protein then maybe I could figure it out. But it's not happening in my life right now, that's for sure.

No processed foods? Honestly- I think that's a GREAT idea because there's so much CRAP in our diets because of the processing involved. I do cook at home about 80% of the time and I use fresh meats and veggies for the most part. But I need to do more research into this. Is pasta considered "processed foods?" I'm not talking about Kraft mac and cheese. I'm talking about a bag of spaghetti noodles. I don't eat these now but I cook them for my husband. Is a loaf of bread considered processed food? I mean- do I have to make it all from scratch to avoid the "processed" part of the equation? I suspect that is the case. So again- this would be a HUGE adjustment in my life if I decide to go this route. I just can't imagine that happening. But maybe? As it stands, I do try to limit my consumption of processed foods. My diet (post-surgery) is mostly meats and veggies. But I have sugar-free creamer in my coffee. I have lunch meat (no nitrates and uncured) and string cheese (processed) for lunch. I have started eating out on occasion so I'm SURE there are processed foods in that stuff too. It's interesting how many processed foods sneak in even when you're following a "healthy" eating plan. Worried Again - cutting out ALL processed foods would be a MAJOR adjustment. It might be one I need to consider eventually. But right after surgery? I just don't think it's in the cards for me right now.

Snacking. Hmmm. I kind of understand the point of only 3 meals a day and no snacking. Considering my eating habits before surgery, I think the no snacking rule is something I am going to need to seriously consider. Right now, I'm eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All meals are small right now (about 3oz) and I'm certainly satisfied when I finish my meals. Sometimes I stop before I'm finished because I don't want to over-eat. But I do get "hungry" or at least what I'm thinking is hunger between those meals. I eat breakfast about 8AM. Lunch is around 12:30. Dinner is about 5:30 or 6. But the "hunger" creeps in at about 11:30 and I might have a piece of cheese and then I'll push lunch out to about 1-1:30. And then I feel "hungry" again at about 3:30 and I'll have half an ounce of turkey jerky or some protein chips (again, processed food Irked ). So yesterday I tried to cut out all snacks just to see what that felt like. It was OK actually but the problem was my calories and my protein. No snacks put me at about 400 calories (I'm supposed to be shooting for between 800 and 1000) and about 30g protein (my guidelines say I need between 60-90). So although I wasn't STARVING between meals, it was definitely a low calorie/protein day. But in the long term, I do think cutting out snacking is a good idea for me.

Anyway - it does get a bit confusing when the bariatric programs are all very different with guidelines and recommendations. I will continue to focus on the guidelines that have come from my doctor and my team specifically. But I'm paranoid again that I'm doing something wrong. I'm ALAWAYS paranoid that I'm doing something wrong. Laughing So I'm trying not to overthink things and just try to make the best choices I can.

This week I'm making it a PRIORITY to focus on eating slower. This is something I really wish I would have practiced more before the surgery. I did a lot of prep work during the time I had between my first consult and my surgery date. I was able to wean myself off of caffeine and Diet Pepsi. I was able to make small diet changes just to get used to life after surgery. But I really do wish I would have focused more on eating slower in the pre-surgery days. That is a life-long habit for me and it's really difficult to change that. But I WILL figure it out. I have my interval timer on my phone that helps me chew for 20 seconds and then wait 30 seconds between bites. I put my fork down between bites and don't touch my food. But if I'm not focusing on these efforts exclusively, I find myself eating too much too fast. So much re-learning. But I WILL figure it out. Very Happy

How am I feeling? No issues to report. I think the probiotics are really working well for me. The gas pains have disappeared (for the most part) and I feel "normal." My husband and I have been walking in the evenings and that's been great. Exercise really does change things for the better. I know this. I just hope that I can keep it up.

OH! Speaking of exercise... I'm now down to the weight I was at when I started running conditioning. Now, that was 10 years ago so I do realize my body has changed in those 10 years but I'm contemplating starting that program again. In the beginning phases of the program it's very mild conditioning (walk 2 minutes, jog 1 minute) so it's not anything super-strenuous. I need to think about this one some more before I jump into it.

Also... one more thing that has me feeling pretty good... I met my first unofficial goal today as I am now at the same weight as I was when I married my husband 5 years ago. My next goal is to get down to the weight for my best friend's wedding when I was the maid of honor. I picked that weight as a goal because I didn't hate those pictures. Smile So that's another 6 pounds from where I am now. Not far off.

Mentally/emotionally - pretty positive today Smile
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