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End of Week 7
November 10, 2020

Weigh in day and I’m down 2.9# at the end of 7 weeks bringing my total loss since surgery to 29.7#
It’s not as fast as some and it’s not as slow as others and I’m totally fine with the rate of loss so far. Very Happy

I’m doing OK on not taking bites and tastes of things. I have been struggling a little bit trying to get my protein in with normal meals. I’m trying not to use my protein powder and just get my protein from foods but it’s taking some adjustment. When I was in the puree food stage, I had made up my meals in little 2oz containers. I had the protein figured out and I could just grab and go knowing that there was ample protein (with the protein powder mixed in) to make sure I met my goals. Now that I’m still learning the soft foods stuff, I’m trying to eat “normally” meaning that I’m trying to eat real food without protein supplement. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be because while I may prepare a meal that contains sufficient protein, I’m often unable to eat the entire portion of what I made which means I only get part of the protein I planned on. For example, last night I made some homemade pad thai using the miracle noodles (zero carb/minimal calories). I made 2 oz noodles and about 1.5 oz chicken breast and a tiny bit of the pad thai sauce that I picked up at the Asian market. I doctored it up with some fresh ginger/garlic and added some cilantro and green onion. It was delicious but I was only able to eat about half of what I made. Irked So what was going to be 12g of protein turned out to be only 6 Irked. So… I’ve been having higher protein snacks – turkey jerky, protein chips, a piece of protein bar, cheese… stuff like that. Ideally I’d like to get to the point where I have 3 meals per day and minimal snacks but for now, I’m having snacks just to meet my protein goals. It’s such a juggling act.

That’s another thing… I LOVE to cook. I’ve always loved to cook. So I make interesting meals for myself. My husband is a tiny bit reluctant to try new stuff so I try to keep his meals to things I know he’ll like. But for me, I’m having to get creative and try some new combinations, fewer carbs, newer ingredients and so far the results have been DELICIOUS! Yes, I sometimes end up making 2 separate meals – one for my husband and one for me – which is just fine. So the biggest bummer for me is having to STOP eating my meals after just a few bites because I know I’ve reached that “satisfied” place and if I eat more, I’ll be uncomfortable. Last night was a prime example. I weighed and measured all of the ingredients for my pad thai and 2 oz of noodles and 1.5 oz chicken should have ended up being about 3.5 oz of dinner which is a reasonable amount of food for me to eat. But I threw in less than 1 stalk of chopped asparagus and maybe 2 mushroom slices which bulked up my quantity by just enough that it made my meal too much food for me. Dinner was so delicious and just when I was really appreciating the food that I made and all the flavors, here comes that pesky feeling where I just know I have to stop. Irked They say – eat your protein first. But that’s so boring. Rolling Eyes But I may have to go that route until I can eat a little more. There’s so much figuring, planning, and compensating when I miss the mark. Again… juggling.

The other notable thing – my vitamins. I’ve been taking chewable multivitamin, calcium, B complex, iron. That’s been going fine. I spent a ton of money on these stupid bariatric chewable vitamins because the “bariatric” part of the equation means that the vitamins and supplements absorb better after bariatric surgery and the “chewable” is essential because we can’t take larger pills until month 3 (the non-chewable are significantly less expensive than the chewable). Well – after 7 weeks of taking these chewable vitamins, I’m now to the point where I ABSOLUTELY HATE THEM NOW! They don’t taste bad really. But there’s something about the texture that kills me. I DREAD taking them. Yesterday I actually gagged trying to chew the damn multivitamin and that one is actually the best tasting of them all. I’ve been trying to suck it up and just power through because my vitamin supply costs about $95 per month so instead of buying the chews (they look, taste, and feel like a starburst candy or a taffy consistency) which are far more expensive, I’ve tried to suck it up and just choke them down till I run out. My husband has been saying “JUST BUY THE SOFT CHEWS! This is silly!” But not wanting to waste money or vitamins, I’ve been stubborn… until yesterday. I finally broke down and bought as many soft chews as I could to replace the horrible chewables. So… another $95 out the window. Oh well. At least I won’t throw up or suffer from unnecessary anxiety when it comes to taking my vitamins Laughing

It really is so strange to me how something can be just fine with my stomach and my tastebuds and then… POOF… suddenly – I CAN’T DO IT ANYMORE. I experienced that with the flavored waters and the water add-ins. One week I LOVED lemonade flavor and after a few days – GET THAT SHIT AWAY FROM ME. Or Propel. I have always LOVED Propel. I drank it daily before surgery and for quite a while after surgery and suddenly – NO MORE. Same with my vitamins. I never loved them but they taste kind of like sweet tarts candy. Aside from the calcium chewables which were HORRIBLY CHALKY, the other vitamins and supplements were OK for a month and a half and now I just can’t do it anymore. I cannot WAIT till I can take the swallowable form. I’ve got about another month and a half which will allow me to use up the soft chews that I just bought before I start HATING those as well (I hope Worried ).

How am I feeling? Physically I’m doing well. Probiotic seems to be helping so this is a keeper. I’m excited to be at the weight I was when I started my running program before. Now granted, that was 10 years ago so my body has aged and changed since then. But I really do want to get back to that if I can. I just may try the first workout tonight and see how I do. The beginning workouts are relatively light (run 60 seconds/walk 90 seconds) and it progresses weekly. I haven’t made any decisions yet because part of me is afraid I won’t be able to do it. But I think once I have time to give myself an internal pep-talk, I’ll be ready to start. We shall see.

Mentally/emotionally? – I’m anxious. I had my ultrasound last week to look at my liver and see why it was so large at the time of surgery. I got my results back but I can’t understand all the medical jargon. I have an appointment with my primary care doc to discuss the findings on Thursday of this week. My liver enzymes in my bloodwork were absolutely fine so more than likely this is just fatty deposits or the calcification that they discovered about 10 years ago when I had a CT scan (or MRI… can’t remember). But of course I’m worried. The liver is a pretty important organ so I’d really prefer for mine to be as normal as possible, of course. So I’ve been fighting anxiety about that. I’ll know more Thursday but until then, it hasn’t been fun. Otherwise, I’m OK. The upcoming holidays always make me happy and put me in a good space Very Happy

Tha’s all for now. More to come later this week and hopefully I’ll have good liver news.
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