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November 2020

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Me and my liver
November 12, 2020

I need to stop checking google to figure out my lab results. More often than not, I misinterpret the results and then spend time freaking out unnecessarily until I talk to my doctors and they explain what’s really going on.

My liver is only mildly enlarged. That’s great news. They suspect that as I lose weight, this will remedy itself. Also, the calcification has only increased a tiny bit since it was first reported in 2009. So all in all- nothing to worry about. My liver is functioning just fine.

Now – I have to admit that I’m wondering what my surgeon saw when he went in to do the surgery and discovered an “extremely large liver” hmmmm. My doc today said it could have been the positioning that made the planned gastric bypass surgery unsafe. That could be. I won’t spend time second-guessing my surgeon’s decision because it’s pointless and I have no reason not to trust him. It does make me wonder though. But whatever. What’s done is done. My liver is healthy. I don’t need to worry.

Now… my kidney. My right one is fine. My left one has multiple cysts. They’re all benign and fairly common and nothing that is impeding normal kidney function. But I’ll have to get an annual ultrasound to monitor their growth. Again- nothing to be concerned about but SHEESH!! My body is sure changing as I age Rolling Eyes . I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much considering these issues are fairly minor in the grand scheme of things. These little hiccups make me even more glad that I had the surgery. Excess weight is taxing on a body and eventually, it’s pretty likely that this extra burden on my body would lead to more problems as I age. I can’t go back in time and repair the damage that’s already been done… but I feel like it’s got to be a step in the right direction to get this stuff under control now.

How am I feeling? Physically… fine. Mentally and emotionally… relieved. VERY RELIEVED. And this motivates me even further to keep up with my exercise and my weight loss. It’s too important not to take this stuff seriously.
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