Today is January 21, 2021
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November 20, 2020

I’m not sure what to write about today because nothing exciting is happening in my small corner of the world. Tomorrow is the 2 month marker so I’ll post my progress in weight and inches lost so far. My jeans are falling off and I’m wearing a sweater that was too snug for me last month so I know something is working right Very Happy. And I think I’m finally going to have to start shopping for some new-to-me clothes. By that, I mean ebay, poshmark, threadup. I am just NOT paying regular retail prices for clothes that will last about a month (if that). I bought some used jeans that I found on ebay and they were about $9 with shipping. They’re a tiny bit snug but not obscene. Buying them a little on the smaller size means I’ll get some more life out of them before they go in the “donate” pile. That pile is growing DAILY! I swear… I just had to get rid of lots of pajamas. It’s funny how bittersweet those moments can be. Yes, PJs can be worn baggy and too big but I got a glimpse in the mirror and these PJs were ABSURD! Laughing I had to part with some of my favorites. I also donated 2 maxi dresses that I bought for after surgery that I never wore. So… word to those looking for info for their own surgery – DO NOT BUY MUCH PRIOR TO YOUR SURGERY! It’s a waste. That’s OK though… I think I got them used on ebay Smile

So my husband brought home a huge order of Vietnamese wonton soup for me to have during my liquid only diet pre-colonoscopy. I LOVE the broth that they use in that soup and they pack the TO GO parcels with the broth separate from the noodles, wontons, veggies, and herbs. Man I was in HEAVEN. But even on a liquid-only diet I couldn’t drink too much. That colon prep crap was hideous. I even got the new and improved kind that was a much smaller dose than the 20 gallon jug that everyone told me about. This one was 2 6-oz containers. I had to mix one container with 10 oz of cold water and drink that (16 oz) and then within an hour drink an additional 32 oz of water as a chaser. Well… needless to say, that filled me up to maximum capacity and I didn’t feel like drinking much broth for dinner. Then, colon content evacuation ensued (that was unpleasant… I sat in my bathroom for what seemed like an ETERNITY) and by the time I was done with that adventure, it was time for bed. Then I had to get up and do the 2nd dose and go through that whole process all over again. I guess for people who have been eating normal amounts, 2 doses would be necessary to clear out all the contents. But for me, having not been eating very much, I was empty after the first dose so the 2nd dose was just a complete inconvenience. ANYWAY, after the procedure I was STARVING. I got home and had some more of the wonton soup only this time, I had about ½ a cup of broth, 2 wontons (just the meat insides) some veggies and about a tablespoon of noodles. Since I was starving I ate way too fast and was miserable for about an hour afterwards. Everything just sat heavy in my chest for a while. I had more soup for lunch again today (about the same quantities) and tried to eat slower but for some reason, I think soup is not a good idea for me right now. It’s strange. You would think it would be easy on my stomach but I think I need to stick to more solid foods so I can eat slower. I think that’s the main reason it bothered me so much. It’s tough to take small bites of soup with all kinds of stuff in it. Tonight we’re having Mexican food from our favorite restaurant. Normally I get their Pozole (my favorite… but again… it’s soup) so this time I got some marinated pork and some refried beans. There’s enough for at least 5-6 meals (my size) so I’ll likely bring the leftovers for my dad. He’ll love it.

Thanksgiving is going to be at our house this year. We won’t have a lot of people here. I think the final total is 9 of us and we’ll be as COVID safe as possible. The majority of the guests are 65+ so they’ve been isolated and extra safe. We’ll have 3 households here so we’ll set up 2 separate tables so we can distance and we’ll have masks when we’re not eating. It’s going to be weird but that’s OK. I’m actually glad to be doing the cooking because – well – I love to cook but even more than that, when I spend all day in the kitchen, I’m not super eager to eat much anyway. I think all the smells and prep kind of help squash the appetite. I plan to eat turkey and just tiny tastes of the non-sweet sides. I’m not very interested in desserts at this point so I don’t think I’m going to miss those at all. Honestly, some turkey and gravy sounds amazing. I will have to taste the mashed potatoes and maybe a couple brussels sprouts and maple carrot bites but other than that, I think I’ll be fine. I’m actually looking more forward to the cooking than the eating. Very Happy

So that’s about all I have for today.

How am I feeling? My tummy is a little bit off today from my soup for lunch. Other than that, I’m feeling good. My energy levels are really good and I seem to have more stamina lately. I’m also sleeping so well. It’s so nice not to have trouble falling asleep and waking up feeling really rested. That’s a new thing for me and I love it.

Mentally/emotionally, I’m great. I have to admit, I’m pretty relieved that my colonoscopy was a non-issue. I was a little bit anxious about the procedure (my first one) and slightly worried that they might find something. Not that I was having any symptoms but I’ve heard that colon cancer is pretty silent as far as symptoms go. So even though I wasn’t consumed with worry, and even though colon cancer isn’t a thing in my family… you just never know. So now that they’ve explored my esophagus (pre-surgery), my stomach (during surgery and pathology for the removed portion of my stomach), and now my colon, it’s kind of good to know I’ve been thoroughly checked out and I’m good to go. Even my liver is OK. Phew. That does make me feel much better knowing, really KNOWING all is well inside Smile

I’ll check in this weekend with my 2 month inches and weight loss. Until then – have a great weekend, all!
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