Today is April 10, 2021
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End of Week 10
December 1, 2020

Well I'm relieved that I didn't gain this week. I'm down 0.4.

Not a surprise really, all things considered. And after having a really big loss last week, I've found that my body does this type of thing no matter what method of weight loss I'm working with. I'm not disappointed. I hear of people having stalls for weeks at a time and THAT would be discouraging. It's interesting how much stock we put into the numbers on the scale. I know I've said this before but I'm so glad I took my measurements too.

There's not a lot to report today other than weigh in. So far I'm doing pretty well getting back to my protein and water goals. It's interesting how carbs sure have a way of sneaking back in and adding up in the totals for the day. I'm not super worried about that right now because my carbs are still pretty low. But I have to watch the creep... that's how bad habits come back. Irked

Tonight we will be walking again. That's another thing that kind of got pushed aside the past few days. With all the running around and Christmas decorating, I've been almost reaching my 10K steps just with that stuff. But tonight we will walk again and I think I will get back to my running conditioning again next week.

How am I feeling? Physically, great. No complaints. Stomach/intestines/digestive system is cooperating. I have gotten some good sleep the past couple of nights so I feel rested. I'm good. My energy levels are good.

Mentally/emotionally? Still good there too. Nothing noteworthy. Business as usual Smile

A little add on so hopefully by writing it in this journal I will REMEMBER IT. UGH! I have GOT to slow down. I ate cod on Sunday... no issues. I ate cod on Monday... no issues. I ate cod tonight... ISSUES. I think it's the texture more than anything... and THE FACT THAT I ATE TOO FAST! WHEN WILL I LEARN?! I have the hardest hiccups right now that actually HURT. This has been going on for about the last 15 minutes and they WILL NOT STOP. And the foamies. "What the hell are foamies," you ask? Well it feels like a burp but when it comes up it's a bunch of foamy saliva. It's not like vomit or anything, just frothy spit. All classic symptoms of eating way too fast. WHY? I know better than to do that. I wasn't even starving or anything. STUPID! These hiccups HURT! UGH! DO NOT DO THIS AGAIN, YOU IDIOT! Irked
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