Today is April 10, 2021
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End of Week 11
December 8, 2020

Down another 3.9 pounds this week. That makes up for the tiny loss last week. Our bodies are so interesting. It's definitely not a simple intake/output thing that determines our weight loss. We have so many other processes going on at the same time so even though I'm definitely in a calorie deficit daily, my body is constantly doing what it does which can affect the numbers on the scale. Someone please remind me of this if I'm in a plateau or getting to a slow spell. I know the numbers on the scale aren't the ONLY measure of success... but it's sure nice to see them going down like they are this week.

Not much else to report today.

How am I feeling? My stomach is a bit rumbly this morning. I can't tell if I need to go to the bathroom or if it's just bubbling and gurgling for other reasons. I don't feel bad... just a bit bloated and gassy (you're welcome Laughing )

Mentally/emotionally - I'm feeling pretty positive. The holiday season does it to me every time.
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