Today is April 10, 2021
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Nothing exciting...
December 14, 2020

My stomach is on a rollercoaster of ups and downs lately. I don’t think it’s anything to do with the surgery though. Well – let me rephrase that – OF COURSE it has to do with the surgery but I think it’s more my diet lately than my smaller stomach from the surgery. I have been eating more veggies and I have a feeling this is causing the issues. I’m retaining water today. I can feel it in my hands and fingers. I FINALLY had a bowel movement again on Sunday but I had gone from almost diarrhea (you’re welcome) to constipation on the weekend. And it was miserable. Then all day yesterday I drank A LOT of fluids – Mostly warm decaf tea because it’s been freezing here and the idea of cold water just didn’t excite me. And with the amount of liquid I drank yesterday (about 80 oz) I was expecting to be peeing A LOT and that wasn’t the case. So… whatever is going on in my body is making me hold on to the fluids I am drinking. YAY! Just in time for tomorrow’s weigh in! Laughing Oh well… it is what it is. Maybe I’ll suddenly start peeing up a storm and get it all out before tomorrow’s trip to the scale. Who knows.

Not a lot else to report. I’m just trying to keep track of these things in case my doc asks or in case it turns into something bigger than I thought it was.

How am I feeling? Other than the bloating, I’m feeling good. I’m still sleeping very well and feeling rested when I wake up. I’m noticing my energy levels are really high. I’m not parking in the closest parking space because I’d rather walk than deal with the crowded close-up spaces. I’m moving around A LOT more than I had been when I was heavier. I definitely have more energy and my motivation to do things has definitely increased. That’s a GREAT feeling for me. I don’t feel so LAZY all the time. There are so many negative connotations with that word and I don’t mean to sound like I’m putting myself down. I just feel less inclined to sit around and do nothing. I hope that makes sense. It’s a very good feeling, actually. And it was a subtle change. It didn’t happen over night but I’m definitely noticing changes in myself. That’s definitely a positive!

Mentally/emotionally- nothing to report on that front. Still steady and “normal.” I missed my psych doctor’s appointment today. Work got REALLY BUSY and I completely forgot that I was supposed to meet with my doctor on video chat! She was very understanding and we’ve rescheduled for next Monday. I don’t have much to report to her other than I’m feeling good and doing fine managing my brain lately Laughing

I’ll check in tomorrow after I weigh. I’m not feeling very hopeful about a good loss this week but that’s OK. Nothing to freak out about on my end. I’m still doing what I’m supposed to be doing so we’ll let the chips fall where they may… But NO CHIPS… and no Cookie Crumbles either! We’ll let the scale fall where it may… how ‘bout that? Laughing
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