Today is February 28, 2021
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End of Week 17 and End of Month 4
January 21, 2021

Sorry I’m late with the weekly check in! I didn’t weigh on Tuesday because I was on vacation. When I returned yesterday morning, I weighed and was showing 3# higher than the week before! That was a shock to me because I was in onederland when I weighed before vacation. So strange. So I changed the batteries in my scale (it was time… for sure) and assumed most of it was water weight from the trip… I weighed this morning and I’m not 3# higher than last week but I’m not in onederland either. Sad I’m down 0.3 pounds from last week. Not the end of the world, for sure. But I was so hopeful that I’d be under 200 this week. I assume the error in weight was due to low batteries in the scale. I’ll need to set myself a reminder to change them every 2 months. Ah well… there was plenty of other good stuff that happened this week that makes me OK with not losing more.

It is also the end of month 4. Hard to believe it's gone by so quickly. I haven't calculated my inches lost yet but I'll get to that. Everything has just snuck up on me and I'm a bit unorganized!

Vacation was excellent! I haven’t ridden my bike recently (since about 3 months before surgery) and even when we did, it was just around the neighborhood. We rode our bikes on the bike path near the hotel and it was wonderful! I rode for about an hour on different terrain and had no trouble at all with inclines or fatigue. My ass did complain a lot but that’s to be expected until I get used to riding more. The next day we went a different route on the trail and there were some hills I was a bit afraid of on the way back. It felt like they were pretty steep going downhill so I assumed I would need to walk them on the way back. NOPE! I made it up those hills with zero issues at all. Even those who were with us riding commented on my energy levels and stamina. Even after the long ride on the first day, if it wasn’t for my ass hurting, I probably could have gone another hour! It was amazing! And I felt so good afterwards. THEN… the last day, my husband and I got up in the morning and went for a long walk along the bluffs. Oh man! That was incredible. The scenery was GORGEOUS and the whole experience was so positive. I told my husband “you let me know when you want to turn around…” and I must admit… I was a little bummed when he suggested that it was time to head back to the hotel Sad but we walked for about an hour and it was such a scenic area. There were some slight hills and semi-rugged terrain and it was so great to have the energy and the stamina to handle it all. I had such a great time.

Food… that was a tough one. I just tried to make sensible choices rather than be super strict. I didn’t have my food scale with me at the restaurants (OBVIOUSLY) so I had to guesstimate and chose wisely without my normal tools. I tried to focus on small portions and getting my protein in. I had bites and tastes of some of the yummy stuff on the others’ plates but I kept that to a bare minimum. I think, over-all I did fine. I didn’t over-eat but I did find that I was snacking more frequently than I normally do. A friend of ours brought mixed nuts and these are my kryptonite! I swear! Once I start… it’s impossible for me to stop. So I know I ate too many of those. I didn’t eat too many in one sitting but I kept going back to them frequently. UGH! WHY can I not resist nuts?! It’s crazy. The rest of my snacks were high protein stuff but still… I know I ate more than I should have. But I really did try to listen to my body and there were times when I was genuinely hungry. Could have been the increased exercise or it could have been that I was just out of my element and was extra snackie. In any case… it wasn’t horrible. And I keep thinking how I would have eaten if I hadn’t had the surgery Surprised … we had some delicious options at some of these restaurants and I feel like, for the most part, I chose wisely. That’s a plus. So even though I didn’t lose much, I did manage to hold it together OK.

The best part of this past week for me was my energy levels. I am feeling more like a normal person. I was able to help load and unload the car without feeling drained. It’s hard to describe… It’s not like I didn’t do ANYTHING before the surgery. I did. I helped load the car before… but I was slow and when it was all done, I was tired. I guess the best way to describe it is I felt HEAVY. (Durr… I WAS heavier). But this time, for instance, my husband was loading the bikes and getting the truck ready and by the time he was finished, I had loaded everything else! Even he was shocked when he came in the house and realized I had already done everything else. And same thing when we loaded the car to leave… he took care of the bikes and once again, I had handled just about everything else. It’s not like I was trying to prove anything… I just had enough energy to do it this time. Same thing with the walking and biking… it was actually something I wanted to do… not something I had to do. Like I said, I was a little disappointed when I had to stop. That’s a new thing and I love it. It is so nice to have energy again.

How am I feeling? Physically – great. This increased exercise has motivated me to get out and move more. I realize I am sick to death of walking in our neighborhood so I think I’m going to have to change the scenery a bit and go walking somewhere else. I still have to figure out how that will work in my day but I will get that sorted out.

Mentally/emotionally – still doing well. I’m relieved that this whole election/inauguration stuff is behind us. That was causing me more stress than I realized. I hate the tension that has been so prevalent in our world lately. That’s taken such a toll on me. But now that it’s behind us I hope we can move forward without incident.

Now… to figure out how to increase my daily exercise and get a realistic routine in place… that’s my next focus.

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