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October 2020
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Masters worshiping their slaves?...what?
October 5, 2020

Before I get into what's on my mind, I must comment that even us Dominants can be insecure. I knew my Fenian had written a letter in hius journal as I saw hbim writing it. Since I am allowed to read his journal any time I wish, and he is encouraged but not required, to read mine, it was not unusual for me to see him at the keyboard.

I began to wonder... What was in that letter? Was it going to upset me? Is it going to make me cry? Sad? Is he going to leave me? I read the letter after agonising all night over it. I will tell ya, it did make me cry, but they were happy tears mixed with sadness for lost time. So yes, even though our slaves and subs think we're gods, we're just as guilty of, and vulnerable to, insecurities, petty jealousies and the rest as are our subs and slaves.

I am constantly telling others in our lifestyle and our M/s club that I worship my Fenian. I worship his body, his mind, his humour... So, how can you claim you are the Master is a common question I am asked. Simple.

My slave is here for my pleasure... My desire... My amusement... My companionship. If my pleasure is a home cooked meal and a clean house, he must do it. If my pleasure is him reading poetry to me, he must do it. If my pleasure is sitting on the couch watching '90's game shows and competing against one another, he must play.

Though our lives are 24/7, and we are a sexual couple, our relationship is not all about sex. You hear different terms bandied about in BDSM fiction. "Pleasure slave" -- a slave that provides any kind of sexual act desired on command and also knows about art, singing, dancing, politics, cooking, etc. In other words, the perfect slaveperson.
"Passion slave" -- a slave who's soul purpose is sex.
"Domestic" -- a slave who's purpose is domestic servitude, cooking, cleaning, household chores, etc.

And, I could go on...

Though these are certainly real life descriptions of some of the roles a slave might have and purposes they might serve, the terms are not used in real life. Somee people have domestics, some only slaves for sex, some for a particular fetish. In short, there are as many types of real life Masters/Dominants and slaves/subs as there are people on this earth. Some Masters prefer to have different slaves for different purposes. Some slaves like pain. Some like sensual domination, but aren't into pain. Some are real willing in the bedroom and when it comes to having other kinds of non-kinky fun, but are horrible in the kitchen. So a Master/Mistress might have a slave they prefer to play bedroom games with and another they prefer to play games of pain and still a third to do the cooking and cleaning.

Some Masters, like me, prefer slaves to be the jack of all trades type. Not saying my Fenian does everythiing. While he can clean the house well enough, his medical issues make it difficult for him. He is adventurous in the kitchen, but needs to attend culinary classes and he can be bratty and downright rude, which isn't slave behaviour.

He likes a moderate amount of pain, but wants to try for more. He loves to have sex and is passionate. He can read and write well. He can discuss politics. He has the ability to make a man, or woman, very happy in many ways......

So, what has all this got to do with worshiping my slave? Quite a lot, actually. As I said above, a slave lives for his Master/Mistresses pleasure. My pleasure is to give my Fenian pleasure. Sure, he is expected to pleasure me, as I said, but giving him pleasure is one of my greatest pleasures. While some Masters and Mistresses refuse to fall in love with their property, and some only feel fondness for them, (I know one Mistress who says she feels nothing for her slave at all), I am deeply, utterly, certifiably in love with my slave. It gives me great pleasure to provide him with toys, both bedroom toys and other types, good cooking, love, companionship, intellectual stimulation, etc.

I love every inch of my slave. His body, his mind, his soul. I worship him and the time we spend together. He has my heart, mind and soul. He holds them close and keeps them safe and protected. That is why, and how, I can worship my slave.

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