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October 2020
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30I didn't marry *YOU*!
October 8, 2020

Well, yes, headaches. I have one. And sure, it had to come when I was in a good mood.

Yesterday, my birthday present came...finally! I wanted to get some things for my slave for my birthday. I had a collar custom made for him. A gold plated collar in the Gorean style. I also bought him a leather collar lined in fur, because I like him in leather and fur. And, my slave bought me a new toy I've been dying to try out. So, that was good.

I have an infected finger and it's giving me quite a lot of pain. I'm not willing to risk going to the doctor over it. I could have my Fenian lance it for me, he's good at such things, but the last infection I got lost me a fingernail which never grew back, not that it was his fault... I did not need antibiotics, so that was good.

This morning, I lost the back and the battery in my Fenian's e-cigarette. I managed to find the battery, but the back that holds it in is somewhere in the ether. He has a spare e-cig, but it's a piece of shite, to be honest...

With lockdowns in place, we will have to order one online from the US and it will take 2 weeks to get here, so I'm in for a lot of whining and complaining over it, and rightly so, since it was my fault. I do not expect my slave to act like a robot. He is a human being after all.

Well, I am going to rest my eyes.


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