A Master's Musings by Master Gerry
October 2020
5Masters worshiping their slaves?...what?
9Quiet House (updated)
15Getting better...finally.
22Not Right
27Let's get on Fet, he said...
30I didn't marry *YOU*!
Quiet House (updated)
October 9, 2020

Aoife, my slave's best friend and the girl who's been living here we've been considering for a sub, has gone off to hospital. She was having some health complications over the past few days but didn't want to go in because of the virus. the health stuff didn't ease with medications this time, so I made her go in. She's only been gone about half an hour and I can see my Fenian is Sad and upset. We're both worried now, but what can you do. I pray to God she's all right and will be home soon. The house seems so much quieter when she's not in it.

Last time she was in hospital for about three weeks and it was hard on us both because we had to split her chores between us and we both have our own health stuff, but dogs need to be fed, strays looked after, horses fed, etc... Not to mention normal responsibilities like the washing up, laundry, cleans and such... We were both pretty much dead on our feet that time when Aoife came home. Not that it was her fault. My only complaint was that Aoife ended up in a part of the hospital that did not have phones in the rooms and instead of doing the smart thing and asking for a phone, she did nothing, so we didn't know what her condition was for almost two weeks, as we are not family so they wouldn't tell us anything. We made her promise to call, but knowing her, she won't. I don't think it's right for me to say things about someone that are unflattering while they're sick, so I'll log off now and find something for my Fenian's lunch as it'll be lunchtime in an hour.



Aoife came home a few hours ago. Needed a nap. Finger is huge and hurts. Will be going to urgent care if raw honey does not help reduce swelling by tomorrow afternoon. Honey is disgusting. Torture of prisoners again?
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