A Master's Musings by Master Gerry
October 2020
5Masters worshiping their slaves?...what?
9Quiet House (updated)
15Getting better...finally.
22Not Right
27Let's get on Fet, he said...
30I didn't marry *YOU*!
Getting better...finally.
October 15, 2020

Well, things got truly frightening with my finger over the past week. It looked like I would end up in hospital. And yet, things turned around and it all worked out. Now, the healing begins. This is good.

My Fenian has found another Dom on a diary site we both use. The guy is a big flirt. I don't really mind, ok, I do a bit, because this guy is saying all the right things to him... And he's obviously smitten. Still, the guy is all the way in California, and I encouraged him to talk to others in the lifestyle. The man talks to me, too, so it's not like he's only focused on him. Note to self: Don't be so jealous.

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