A Master's Musings by Master Gerry
October 2020
5Masters worshiping their slaves?...what?
9Quiet House (updated)
15Getting better...finally.
22Not Right
27Let's get on Fet, he said...
30I didn't marry *YOU*!
Not Right
October 22, 2020

Things have been bad here since Monday afternoon. I took my Fenian's vape to the store to replace the coil and ever since it has not functioned properly. I don't understand what is wrong with it, of course being able to see the small print on the screen would help. So, since he hasnb't been able to vape his CBD, he's been in agony and I feel responsible.

We did take the sub, on a probation period. Her sub name is Aoife, pronounce Ee-fuh.

I know the lady at the store meant well, but she messed up my Fenian's vape royally and since we are still waiting for the knew one to come in, we have to use this magnetic piece of shit. Mad

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