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Let's get on Fet, he said...
October 27, 2020

So my Fenian suggested that we get on fetlife, a social media site for people into kink. I agreed, because, why not? We don't know anyone outside of our local community...

I don't regret the decision at all. We've met some awesome folks, but one thing I have to address is the number of fakers I see out there. One rights on the other diary site we write on... I call bullshit and you a faker if:

1. You say you live a 24/7 TPE relationship, (total power exchange), as a slave but you don't live with your Master and both you and your Master are married, but not to each other.

2. You demand that subs/slaves who are not your own call you by an honourific. Other than the polite sir/ma'am, why should someone who doe3sn't know you grant you that level of respect? Before the invention of social media, a Master wasn't called a Master until he had several years of experience and street cred in the lifestyle. Same for a slave. Now, with social everywhere, anyone can call himself anything and...it is so.

3. You claim you're looking for something, but when that something is offered to you, you disappear/back away/run/ghost, etc. Ok, I can understand being afraid. Maybe you want to meet and you claim you want to meet, but when someone wants to meet you, you become scared and back away. This is reasonable. If you're a newbie, or even an experienced D/s player, it can be frightening to meet someone new. Fair play, but say so... Don't just back away, ghost or play mind games because you're too afraid and ashamed of your fear.

4. You ask another kinkster for money *for any reason*. The only time you should be giving money to someone is if that someone is your long time friend, or you have an agreement with a D type who is into financial domination. Otherwise, if someone asks you for money to come visit you, feed their families, etc, don't give it to them. If you feel there is really a need, find some other way to help like buying someone a Walmart gift card instead of giving them money.

Lots more fakers out there, I could name, but I'm tired of thinking about it now. Maybe more later.

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