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A Responsibility
November 5, 2020

I've been thinking about when a person's responsibility, doesn't matter which side of the whip they're on, has towards a person they have trained/mentored if they are not training/mentoring them anymore.

I feel that the responsibility doesn't end when the training/mentoring does. People I train/mentor get lifetime support. They can look me up in a month, a year or five years if they have a question, problem or just need to talk. There is nothing worse than a new Dominant trying to undo your training, or crush the spirit of a sub you've mentored or trained... This happened last night. A beautiful, bright, young slave I had trained at one time had a "dominant" attempt to crush her spirit/make her question her submission. I found out through a friend of a friend and offered to talk to the young slave. It took a while for her to open up, but I hope she now feels better...

Our responsibility to those we help/interact with never ends... Just my thoughts this afternoon.

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