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November 2020
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A Master is....
November 11, 2020

A Master is not someone who tells you he will use you in any way he likes, do things that could cause you harm and expects you to not question him in any way, at any time. So, what is a Master? A true bDSM type Master?

A Master is:

Someone who takes responsibility for his slave and puts his/her needs uppermost.

Someone who is prepared to do things that might push mutually agreed upon limits and boundaries, who is prepared to take responsibility for pushing those limits and boundaries.

Someone who is always learning and always striving to educate his/herself in not only scenecraft, but also technique, psychological impact of scenes/activities and medical issues that might come up during/after a scene.

Someone who feels that the pleasure of his/her slave is the main reason for engaging in a lifestyle which is often difficult, demanding and time-consuming.

Someone who, above all else, respects the gift of submission and power exchange that his/her slave has given him, does everything possible to keep his/her trust and strives to live with honour, act with integrity and deal with people humbly.

That's what a Master is to me...
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