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How Humiliation Can be Fun!
November 27, 2020

Some slaves like humiliation. Some do not. My Fenian does, as long as it's done in private, or with a small group of friends and is more of the goofy, good hearted kind. Sometimes, my Fenian can be very primal, this means that he likes to be very animalistic, howling, growling, biting, etc, before, during or after love making or a scene. His primal animal is the wolf, and I am either a bigger, stronger wolf or a hunter depending on my mood. For a little treat last night, I asked him if he wanted to try something wacky, crazy and messy involving food.

Of course, he being the adventurous sort, agreed, and I set it up. First, I cuffed his hands behind his back so that he could not in any way use his hands. Then, I prepared his meal. Chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and corn and mashed it all up and put it in a dog bowl. It did look a bit like tinned dog food, though it smelled a bit better. Then, I brought it to him and told him to eat it any way he could. He was immediately into the food, as any good wolf, or dog, would be, and of course, ate it all. Naturally, he got it all over himself,, mostly on his face, partially from his reduced circumstances and partially from his laughing so hard.

I did not enjoy this activity as much as I thought I would, though it was a bit humourous, but my Fenian did, and that's all that counts. He should note though, I will expect him to use utensils next mealtime.

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