The Writings of A Consensual Slave by Slave Saoirse
October 2020
26The Enigma that is...Saoirse!
28Punished...Twice in two days!
31Master...Your head isn't invinsible!
Punished...Twice in two days!
October 28, 2020

Oh, I have been a very bad girl indeed. The first time I was punished, it was gfor breaking a slave rule. One of my rules is that when I come in the door, the clothes come off. Exceptions to this apply if family or non-ls folks are around, or if the back door is open and it's really fucking cold outside. I had to write lines. Seems simple, doesn't it? Writing lines, but I hate it. For one thing, it makes me feel so small, like I'm in school again, and for another, it's harder than it look, especially when Master gives you 500. I only got 25, thank God above.

The second time I got punished was earlier today for not resting when Master said I should. I was in pain, but I was on the computer and didn't want to get off and I was getting sleepy, but was too stubborn to move. Soo, I got a spanking. Yes, it was with a crop, so not a spanking. Yes, it hurt. Yes, it made me hot and wet, so........ Was it punishment? Well, in and of itself, no, but knowing that I wouldn't get to do anything about my current state of arousal... Hell yes... Damn it all.
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