The Writings of A Consensual Slave by Slave Saoirse
November 2020
3The end of democracy, I fear............
9What we want
12My Cage
24Is he the one?
My Cage
November 12, 2020

Yes, i have a cage. It is not like a traditional dog cage. It was custom built for me. It is long enough and wide enough that I can have a mattress in there. There is room for me to stand up fully and there are shelves for my phone, tablet, laptop and anything else i need to bring or choose to bring.

i slept in my cage last night. Sure, I am secure when I sleep by my Master, but there is something extra special about sleeping next to His bed in my cage, all snuggled up under the covers with my favourite stuffies and Master's voice singing me to sleep in that quiet, soothing way He has.


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