The Writings of A Consensual Slave by Slave Saoirse
November 2020
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9What we want
12My Cage
24Is he the one?
Is he the one?
November 24, 2020

So Connor and I are looking for another person, a Dom, to join our family. We had one that we both liked, but he was far away and turned out to be a chicken, leading me on for two months, then saying he was too inexperienced for me.

Anyway, thisss guy found me on Fet and he was right here in town. We chatted on kik for a while and then he ased if we could meet. I said we could meet at the weekend because, well, the house is a mess and I was working and Connor said I couldn't let him come over until the floors were polished from the muddy dog feet. He asked if I couldn't take a break from work for an hour or so. I finally agreed, but told him we would have to sit out in the back garden as Connor was working inside, which was true.

I went outside with my phone, keyboard and a large combat knife. Once assaulted, twice shy. I told him I knew how to use it and I wouldn't hEsitate if he did anything funny or inappropriate. We talked a while.

Now, here's where I have to step back in time a bit. I had just had surgery, it was 2010, and I was looking for a Dom. I was on heavy pain meds and this guy asked if I wanted to go to the local park. I said yes, and he came to pick me up. My bestie begged me not to go but I went anyway. I had a safe call in place, (she was to call me and I would give her a code word), and she knew the park we were going to.

Anyway, the short version is, I was raped at knifepoint by that man after the safe call was made, and I never made it to the park.

I couldn't report him to the police because the drugs I was taking made me forget everything but his first name. Or maybe I didn't want to remember. Anyway, I couldn't. So, though I desperately had this desire, I was also understandably terrified.

Back to today........ We talked for a while and one thing led to another and he wanted to see my cunt, so I let him. I was playing with his cock and balls and I pulled down his pants and worshiped that cock for a good twenty minutes while he played with me, bringing me almost to climax, but not quite, (medications). Anyway, I was honourrred that he came in my mouth and I was permitted to swallow every drop.

He was kind and considerate and caring and I can't get his smell out of my nose or his voice out of my head. I asked him if he wanted to see each other again and he said he did, but...Maybe he was just being polite? I'm so nervous now he won't like me or wasn't satisfied. Connor says I doubt myself too much and that's very true. I guess we'll see.

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