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October 2020

Long, Rambling Chatter
October 28, 2020

Other than the middle of the day, my upper back still hurts between my shoulders, spanning over my right shoulder blade and up the back of my neck. It's just painful enough that I find it difficult to get up in the morning and I dread going to bed at night. Oh, and the ringing in my left ear is still there (non-stop). Sometimes it's loud and other times it's tolerably quiet.

Everyone can't wait for the elections to be over and most people I know want whats-his-name to be gone. I tell them that if "he" loses, then I can't wait for January 20, 2021 (when the new president is sworn in). But, I worry about what he might do until then if he was to lose. Or worse, what his armed supporters might do if he loses. Also, would he concede if he lost (after all the ballots are counted)?

Luckily, I already voted. I will miss getting the "I voted" sticker, but I want to be safe (or as safe as I can be).

I'm also afraid that the Supreme Court (with its newest justice) is going to "reverse course" on a number of issues that were already settled. At the moment, I'm mostly thinking of the hot button topics that a lot of people I know are talking about, but I'm sure I'll be worried about other issues that could affect people in a negative way. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how they pan out.

OK, enough politics. Any more and I'll start stressing over it.

I had someone ask what a Pandeist was in a chat. Even after I told them, they still seemed confused (I'm not good at explaining what I'm not fully immersed in). So, I told them that it wasn't important. Just one of the many labels we can give ourselves because some people seem to really like labels.

Last night, I was thinking about Ringo, our dog that crossed the bridge over 10 years ago. I told Tracy that I remember what he looked like because we have pictures, but I couldn't remember how his fur felt. I was sad, but not crying. Tracy mentioned a few things and I seemed to remember those, but only after they were mentioned. Reminiscing about our "frog dog", I had an odd feeling that he hadn't been gone that long. But today, it feels like forever since I last petted him. Why can't 10 years feel like 10 years?

Talking about the dog also had me thinking about Rocky and Muffy, our cats that also crossed the bridge over 4 years ago. It also dawns on me that I'm so far behind on completing our "pet cozy" ... something crafty I've been working on that we can put their tins (ashes) in so that they'll look nice on the mantle. I started it after Ringo passed, but it remains only partially done.

The cats we currently have are doing well. I plan to talk about them (and the cats at the shelter) in my "Close Encounters of the Furred Kind" journal starting next month. There, I can go into more detail about them and any other critter I want to talk about at length.

We had a birthday thing for Tracy's dad last weekend. It was a nice family get-together. We went about 2 hours before politics were brought up. It went better than expected. The excitement of the evening was that I forgot my purse when we left, so we had to go back for it. Luckily, I realized before we got on the interstate.

We're not doing anything for Halloween. Might be too risky this year. Maybe next year, we'll make up for missing this year and get the kids full-size treats. That could be fun.

Sunday is the time change (at least for this part of the world). Why does it have to happen at 2 in the morning in the middle of the weekend though? Why do we still need it? I feel like I'll be late getting up on Sunday morning and late picking up the woman I work with at the shelter. I can just picture the cats at the shelter rattling their empty dishes against their doors and/or yowling if we're late. And it's going to take a week or so to fully adjust to this time change.

Ummm... I guess that's it. My muse has run out of steam. I hope you'll have a good morning, afternoon, evening, and/or night (whatever time of day you happen to read this).

Take Care!


PS: Today, I am grateful for... electricity. I often take it for granted, but I definitely think about at times that we lose it (which thankfully isn't often).

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