Today is August 20, 2018
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Peripatetic Perlustrations by Cardinal Puff
February 2018
11Good, bad, indifferent

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Good, bad, indifferent
February 11, 2018

Ramble alert:

I just saw something that used the phrase "the battle between good and evil." This always bugs me, for some reason. Although I do believe that people can be good or bad (everyone has some of each in them) and sometimes we have to fight bad people for the sake of good, I just can't get on board with the idea that the universe is some kind of good versus evil battleground.

For me, being a good person is simply caring about others, sometimes before yourself, and acting on that care. There are some moments and areas where I'm wildly successful at that and other times that I'm a miserable failure. Every day is a chance to be better than the last. Social media, I think, can be (and usually is) a roadblock to this. Even when we do good on social media, our altruism comes across as being presented to the world wrapped up in a blanket of narcissism.

I'm not a fan of the tenants of organized religion but I understand and appreciate the connection factor and social interaction that church could provide people. As social media, ironically, physically isolates us from one another, it seems the social media timeline is becoming the new religion. As technology chugs along, what will stop upcoming generations from worshipping the individual post? What will keep those with a large number of followers from becoming the new prophets? Are we there already? Is faith in our own culture more important that faith in ourselves and each other? As people find 2000+ year old stories originally told by nomads, farmers, priests, and merchants less and less relevant, are filter bubbles and confirmation bias the new denominations?

As we become more aware of the universe but more removed from it, the true battle between good and bad becomes, more and more (societally speaking), an internal issue in which our actions will inevitably show our character.

Until next time, peace


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