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February 2018

...out yonder, a while back...
February 13, 2018

--- ten years ago yesterday ---

Foggy and dim. Clammy and unsettled weather, the type which is too warm for a sweater but too cool for a T-shirt. Too warm for jeans but too cool for shorts.

Decided to putter in the yard at four-thirty in the afternoon, exploring this new space, rather than eat a lot of peanuts and read, as I have been doing most days since we moved here, which is partly where those ten extra pounds have come from.

Nothing much growing yet, except some fat round little green weeds, and the thorny vines on the back fence, trying to kill the trees there, and an aggressive wisteria thing, with a 'trunk' ten inches wide, also heading up into the oaks.

Visited the overgrown, dried-up vegetable garden in the far back corner of the yard. Found four tomato plant cages supporting four mummifed tomato plants. Also a bunch of big dead nasty-looking cow-pasture-type weeds that smell like a petroleum product, and a deep nest of wild brambles, which I know I will eventually hate as much as I do the thorny vines, of which there are plenty, tangled in this fence as well.

Waiting for the shrubs and trees I ordered from Burgess, mock orange and so forth, the 'tiny twig' version that will have to be kept in pots for a year or two.

Ha ha! What was I thinking! I want more foliage NOW!

--- ten years ago today ---

Off to run errands.

It was Country Western Music Day in the Pic-N-Sav, the older type, which was unusual. And at Winn Dixie I heard Gordon Lightfoot, and then 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' in the Dollar Store, a fun 'playlist.'

Stopped at a nursery I pass all the time to see if they have any outdoor ferns, and they don't. But they will later! Bought some interesting incense at Hall's Hardware, and an ornamental pear tree at the Feed and Seed store, and almost some ducklings!

But it's much too barren and dry in the yard for ducks, I think. Would chickens be better? Pecking at the weeds, rummaging for bugs in the drifts of fallen leaves? I could buy a whole cage of chicks, set them loose, and probably never see them again, vanished through the gaps in the fence, eaten by the yappy little dogs next door which are always running free.

--- Back out in the yard. Having bought a leaf rake, I was able to scrape together large bunches of pine straw to put under the azalea bushes in front. They're almost about to start gettng ready to bloom!

But then, in the back, I found something less charming than plant debris --- a metal rod embedded in the ground with a dog chain attached to it. Quite a big dog, too, I'd say, from the size of the bleached, gnawed cow vertebra lying nearby.

How hideous and medieval! I should dig that nasty stake up and fill in the hole! Before someone trips over it and breaks a hip!



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