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March 2018

March 12, 2018

----------- twenty years ago, today ------------

Kept awake by storms half the night. And something thudding in the wind, a window frame, maybe, or the glass within the frame, coming loose.

Strange day at work. Peculiar vibes, shifting again, in which direction I cannot tell. Best to keep quiet and not react to anything, just stand at the end of the counter and answer the phone, sort the audit media, let whatever's going on continue, without input.

--- Arrived home to find Idan in an impassive mood. Again, I feel a strangeness, this time probably personal, since he and I are the only ones here.

I go out on the porch, sit in the dark with my kitty, doze off just a little. Wake suddenly to the sound of angry people shouting, tromping up the front steps. But there's no one there. It's a car radio across the street, rapping, as the guy pulls up into his driveway.

When I come inside, Idan's already slipped away, has quietly vanished without saying goodnight.


Then I dream I am speaking before
a room of burning people, my assignment:
to teach them to put out fires. But when
I open my mouth I have someone else's tongue.
And all it will do is tell me I'm a fool
for believing that flames can be extinguished
with words.

--- Sheri Reynolds


shadow and light
by kai
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