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April 2018

fortnightly report
April 13, 2018

--------------- april the second ---------------

Opened all the windows eventually. Did not go out. Did not make any phone calls. Did not cook or do candle maintenance or even attempt to read for more than ten seconds.

Came into the kitchen to fix breakfast and saw a guy in a reflective vest in the back yard, looking at the tree branches that have come down among the menacingly tall trees.

Looked for his truck, it was in the Dog Neighbors' driveway instead of out in the street, kind of strange. Thought someone might be inclined to confont me about the branches in back. Put some makeup on, and did not play loud music, or any music for that matter.

But the guy didn't come to the door. He put a ladder up against the telephone pole, maybe trimming magnolia growth away from the wires, which is a good idea.

--------------- april the third ----------------

It will be cooler today. No wait, it won't be cooler, that's a lie, it will be warmer, according to the Weather Undergound thingie on Roku. Every day, no matter cold, is forecast by the Weather Underground to be hotter than the day before, a sure sign that Global Warming is real.

There's a book at the library to pick up, White Rabbit, about the psychedelic era. Will I be able to read any of it? Maybe pick out interesting little bits, at least, some quotes?

But I did not go out. Cooked some yam and carrot stuff, confined the pungent odor to the kitchen/den area instead of letting it fill the whole house and then fester unpleasantly in the corners. Also it helped that I didn't burn any of the ingredients in the process. Also lit some of that heena-smelling incense, the perfect choice. But now it's all used up.

--- And then night! How quickly it comes! Am finished watching Longmire and have moved on to iZombie, which is more entertaining than you'd think it would be.

--------------- april the fourth ---------------

Speaking of unseasonable warmth, it's rainy and muggy outside, and non-cold enough inside to wear my muu-muu-like dress for the first time this spring.

Got the fabric out again, to look at, and the caftan-like sewing pattern from a thrift store, very old, from the seventies. The drawing shows silly bobble-trim on the sleeves and hem, which I think it will be just fine to omit, since this is supposed to be a garment, not godawful curtains.

And oh yeah, I cooked again, despite the fridge being full of food already, with a jar of chili from the freezer thawing, and the fresh batch of orange-vegetable stuff, and now, tofu and mushrooms and lots of broccoli as well.

--------------- april the fifth ---------------

Finally went out, To-Do List in hand, did important stuff and also a few enjoyable things. Picked up the library book I'd requested, found incense at the Herb Shop, good trip.

--- Read a story by Laurie Colwin in the White Rabbit book, about a woman who was a hard-core pothead, who met and married and lived with her professor hubby for a year, and he never had a clue about the pot, because being stoned was her normal state, he'd never seen her any other way.

The story was so funny, I couldn't finish it. Laughed and laughed, and then eye fatigue set in, and I had to put it down. Is it autobiographical? If so, it might explain the quirky humor of Laurie's novels, which are among my all-time favorites.

--- Went out to the street to get the mail and was surprised by Sharon, one of the Dog Neighbors, who called out to me in a friendly way --- a surprise, since I was sure her dog-related confrontations with Idan had soured her regard for me as well.

But no, that's water under the bridge, apparently, and I am now magically on good terms with her. No sign of her hubby, who once called the cops on Idan for arguing with him over the true property line, so I have no idea where things stand with him.

--------------- april the sixth ----------------

Woke at midnight, with the arm-nerve-thing bothering me slightly. Just kept lying there, not really thinking much, and suddenly it was four-thirty. Got up, with no sleepy-feelings, no dreams remembered. Very odd!

--- Trying to remember what I did today. Did I fight with my computor again? It had a meltdown a while ago, or a tantrum, taking all my settings and making google inactive, forcing me to work all afternoon to fix it. And then it did a similar thing a day or two later, but not as severe. Can't remember quite when!

But I do know that I didn't make any of the phone calls today that I'd intended to make. Did I cook still more food? That, at least, would have been possible, unlike reading, which was not, due to having a bad-vision day.

--------------- april the tenth ---------------

Feeling apprehensive, as though I have said or done something that will have unfortunate consequences, things that I will never fully know about, but will just feel apprehesive and uncertain, nothing resolved or explained, ever.

But at least a lawn person has been found online. Hopefully he will come before Sharon tries to run a mower through the weedy mess in the front yard, as she offered to do when we spoke, refusing payment.

---------------- april the eleventh ----------------

Woke from one of those long dreams that felt as though it might be significant, if I could only remember it, even just a tiny bit, which I can't. Feeling rather calm and serious, not silly, so maybe that was the 'message.'

--- Got some bills ready to pay, and also answered the phone a lot, calls from the lawn person who's coming tomorrow, and from others who were notified by the HomeAdvisor Robot that I was looking to hire.

For some reason the phone has started to ring loudly again, instead of almost inaudibly, or just buzzing, and now makes a 'tch tch' sound when opened, as if scolding me.

Speaking of which, there has been no further word from Madt, who last month accused me of having some sort of personality disorder, I think. But a knowledgable friend has suggested that she's the one with the disorder, and the more I think about it, I see that this is most likely true.

--------------- april the twelfth ---------------

Awake around four, which seems to be my new normal.

Couldn't concentrate on much, waiting for the yard person to come, which he didn't do until after three. And when he did show up, couldn't do the tree limb part of the job, since he hadn't brought any sort of saw. So he'll come back Monday. Which means another oddly disrupted day.

--- Got a call from the Lawyer Office, and now have another appointment, next week. Or at least I'll have an appointment if the Lawyers aren't all still in court when I get there, like last time.

Arm really bothering me, so I took the TENS unit into the brightest room in the house and managed to read a bit more of the White Rabbit book. The story by a guy who got high on cough syrup and became a reptile in manner and thought convulsed me with laughter. The one by a heroin user did not. So I'll be skipping the ones about hard narcotics, injected with needles, since there's not a lot of humor there.

--- Night as always! Watched an iZombie episode in which the zombie girl eats some 'delusional brain' and the cartoon devil on a bag of chips starts talking to her and won't shut up.

--------------- friday the thirteenth -----------------

Left the house early for once, instead of waiting for the lunch-hour rush to begin. Got back early, went looking for music at YouTube, at the mercy of the Robot, and found myself here, wondering why I like this so much ---


shadow and light
by kai
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