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My One True Life by wayward heart
December 2002
1Winding Down // Ms. Fix-it
2Winter Wonderland
3Tuesday Tidbits and Soupsicles
4Care Bears and Christmas Preparations
5Holiday Favorites Survey
6i treasure every gifty // Sending Christmas Cards
7Sunshiny Saturday // Oh Doe...Dot a code id by doze....
8Restless Night
9(S)ick with the annual "itis"
10Forget "Chicken Soup"....
11Don't bother me, i'm taking a sick day
12A Thank You Note (and a reply)
13Friday Night Fluff
14Dreams are not enough
15 Drizzly, Dark, and Dreary
16The Baking Elf Arrives
17Quote Du Jour // Quiet Day, Quiet Night, Quiet Feeling
18Peaceful Solitude // Christmas Gift Dilemma
19Quote Du Jour // Merrily i roll along......
20Screw the Balls...and other Christmas Traditions // New Journalist
22Baccala and Christmas Themes // Just a big kid
23Quote Du Jour // What do you do with a Drunken Aussie?
24Last night's email correspondence // Quote Du Jour Holiday Wishes // One More Sleep Till Christmas
25A Very White Christmas
26Old Friends and other stuff
27Nothing much
28A Garbo Night
29Best of Both Worlds // The MochaMobile
30Christmas Came Again
31New Year's Eve Traditions New and Old

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Tuesday Tidbits and Soupsicles
December 3, 2002

It's beginning to look a lot like....The North Pole!!....
The sun is blindingly bright this morning, against the 6" of new snow we got yesterday. The sky is that brilliant icy blue that we only see on "Arctic Days" in the winter....when we get the polar air from Canada. Today is one of those's a balmy 10 outside right now, with a windchill of -2!!! This is dead-of-winter weather...mid to late January. Not at all typical of early December. Come to think of it, meteorologically, it's not even winter yet!!! Brrrrrrrr.....

Just call me Josephine.....
Don't know if any one remembers Josephine the Plumber (i remember her, but damn if i can remember what it was she advertised!) Anyway, there's nothing quite like the sweet whhoooossssshhhhh of success when i flushed the toilet last night after repairing it. Laughing Dead easy to do...only took a minute, but i still felt good.

Holiday Humor.....
i was reading diaries at my "other" diary site, and a diarist posted an entry on Funny Things Kids Say. And it reminded me of what happened last Friday in the Discovery Room. Rick's friend had just dropped him off, and i was saying goodbye to him. i wished him a Merry Christmas, and 3 year old Ben, sitting at the art table immediately corrected me. "It's not Christmas," he said indignantly, "It's Hannukah!!" He was, of course, correct, as last Friday night was the first night.

Update on Barsky....
i started giving him the Rimadyl last Wednesday, half a tablet once a day. By yesterday, i hadn't seen any improvement at all. At least it hadn't made him sick, but it didn't seem to have been doing much good. So, according to the vet's instructions, i gave him a second half tablet last night. We'll see if the higher dose helps.

Off to work.....
It's Tuesday, which always means a busy day in the Discovery Room. Today, with it being so brutally cold, i've a feeling we'll be even busier. Funny how Tuesdays are crazy/busy, Thursdays are generally quiet, and Fridays fluctuate between crazy/busy and quiet. Gotta love it. (and i do). i met a little girl 2 weeks ago, who has cerebral palsy. Her nurse brought her in when it was quiet, so she could try the computer games. She was shy, and her nurse said she doesn't take well to strangers. But she did let me help her a little. She came in last Thursday, too, and signed HI to me (she doesn't speak), and let me sit with her and help her with the computer. Her nurse was amazed, said it was phenomenal to see her warm up to me. i don't know...i didn't think i did anything "special", or anything differently than i do with any other child. And maybe that's the "secret"...

Well, time to get going....

Well, i was wrong about today being busy. It didn't get really busy till after 3:30!! It was a nice morning, though, some of my "regulars" came, and that's always nice. My new little friend and her nurse came today, too. She signed HI to me, and even let me lift her up and put her on the computer bench. i know the manual alphabet at least, so when we play Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, i know the letters she's signing. H and i took a couple of sign language classes years ago, and though i don't remember much, i can read some of her other signs as well. (her nurse is always there, too).

Still bitterly cold out. Karen took me down to the car wash tonight, and i got H a discount book good for 3 free car washes. Now i am done, done, done with Christmas shopping, except for ordering flowers for my godmother (which i'll do online next week, when she gets back from her nephew's)

i made turkey soup last Thursday with the carcass from Thanksgiving dinner. i made a very large pot of soup. Naturally, there was no room in the fridge for it, so i put pot and all out on the unheated porch. It's been colder out there than it is in the refrigerator anyway, so there were no worries about it spoiling. Tonight i went to have some for dinner....and i found Soup Slushie!! Fortunately, it hadn't frozen solid, so i just scooped some of the semi-solid glop out of the pot with a ladle, and warmed it up. Quite delicious. But i don't think i'm ready for Soupsicles!!

Barsky surprised me this evening when i came home...he was lying in the living room, instead of being on the rug next to the bed. When i came back from my brief trip with Karen, he met me at the door. i've got my fingers crossed and am hoping and hoping that the Rimadyl is having some positive effect.

i'm not ready to let him go yet. i doubt i'll ever really be "ready", even though i know it will happen eventually. i know i won't get another dog....not for a very, very, very long time at least...if ever.

Barsky's not just a dog to me. He's my child. Whatever maternal instincts i may have, i've channeled either into work, or toward Barsky, so losing him will be losing my "baby". Nothing could ever replace him.

Getting another dog would be the dog. Because it will be a long time, if ever, before i'll be able to open my heart to another dog, without comparing him or her to Barsky, and resenting that s/he isn't and can't be Barsky. Someday, maybe, i might be able to get another dog.

But right now, i can't even think about losing Barsky, let alone what i might do afterwards. (besides cry my heart out). i do at times, wonder what will happen with H and i when Barsky's gone. i somehow don't picture grief bringing us closer together, though i suppose it's possible, even for us. i don't think it's likely however. His mother's death didn't, why would our dog's?

Anyway, enough gloom and doom. i'm still hopeful that the Rimadyl will finally kick in and make Mr. B comfortable and relieve his arthritis at least a little.

It's after 6pm, and still no sign of L online. i messaged him earlier, but no reply. i know i wasn't around much over the weekend, nor last night (since H was home). You'd think he might've missed me a little anyway, and wanted to be with me. Oh well...*shrugs*...his loss. i'm freezing sitting here (my computer is next to the window, and i'm, as always, barefoot), so i'm going to post this, and then go back out to the living room with Barsky...cuddle up under my Pooh blankie, read some more, (The White, by Deborah Larsen) and watch some TV. Martha should be on soon....i do so enjoy disliking her!! Very Happy

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