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My One True Life by wayward heart
December 2002
1Winding Down // Ms. Fix-it
2Winter Wonderland
3Tuesday Tidbits and Soupsicles
4Care Bears and Christmas Preparations
5Holiday Favorites Survey
6i treasure every gifty // Sending Christmas Cards
7Sunshiny Saturday // Oh Doe...Dot a code id by doze....
8Restless Night
9(S)ick with the annual "itis"
10Forget "Chicken Soup"....
11Don't bother me, i'm taking a sick day
12A Thank You Note (and a reply)
13Friday Night Fluff
14Dreams are not enough
15 Drizzly, Dark, and Dreary
16The Baking Elf Arrives
17Quote Du Jour // Quiet Day, Quiet Night, Quiet Feeling
18Peaceful Solitude // Christmas Gift Dilemma
19Quote Du Jour // Merrily i roll along......
20Screw the Balls...and other Christmas Traditions // New Journalist
22Baccala and Christmas Themes // Just a big kid
23Quote Du Jour // What do you do with a Drunken Aussie?
24Last night's email correspondence // Quote Du Jour Holiday Wishes // One More Sleep Till Christmas
25A Very White Christmas
26Old Friends and other stuff
27Nothing much
28A Garbo Night
29Best of Both Worlds // The MochaMobile
30Christmas Came Again
31New Year's Eve Traditions New and Old

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Sunshiny Saturday // Oh Doe...Dot a code id by doze....
December 7, 2002

Today is an absolutely glorious day outside!! It's 34, bright bright sunshine....just gorgeous. i have to work this afternoon, and i'm wondering how busy we'll be. It's a perfect day to play outside in the snow, or go Christmas shopping, tree shopping, or whatever. Maybe we won't be too busy. But, you never know. i've been wrong before Smile

H went to work this morning, so i've had a nice quiet morning. Got the wash done, the cards put out in the mail, showered, washed my hair, did my eyebrows. Hopefully the dryer will be done, and i can bring up the wash, even if i don't get to fold it till i get home.

In a few minutes, i'll have some lunch, then get dressed to go. Maybe the mail will arrive before then, too. That would be nice.

H made me laugh this morning. i was still in bed. It was about 8:30 or so. He'd let Barsky out sometime earlier, and it seemed the dog didn't want to come in. i'd heard H rap on the window several times to get Barsky's attention, which hadn't worked.

i heard H open the den window, and call out (not too loudly) "Barsky, will you please come inside now?". i chuckled to myself. H was so the dog!! (why isn't he that polite to me, i wonder??? Confused )

Anyway, it appears the Rimadyl must be doing Barsky some good. He hasn't wanted to stay outside much in the last few months. He'd go out, do his business, and come in. Now, he's outside, wandering around, i've even heard him barking at the neighbors again!! And he's not falling up the stairs on his way in, either.

Well, nothing earthshattering to write about...just had some time before lunch and work. i get to see "Miss Sunshine" today, aka Pauline. She's working this morning. A couple of parents have mentioned her sour attitude again lately. i still don't know why she stays on.

Oh well. i'm not crazy about my other job either, but i stay there.

Anyway, i'm off now....

By the time i left for work this afternoon, the clouds had begun to roll in, the wind had picked up, and it wasn't nearly so beautiful a day.

When i walked into the Discovery Room, Pauline took off as if her ass were on fire...barely said Hello. No great loss. We were neither busy nor unusually quiet. It was pretty steady all day.

i was feeling fine all day, but since i've been home, my nose has been bothering me. It feels sort of stuffy, and kind of...itchy. i took some Neosynephrine nosedrops (which i'd bought at the vet's suggestion when Barsky had his nosebleed). Since Barsky fortunately hasn't needed them, and they cost me $7, i tried them. i do NOT like nosedrops!! They dripped down my throat, (so how are they supposed to unstuff my nose, if they're down my throat??!) made my nose burn, and so far as i can tell, haven't done a darn thing to improve the situation. Guess i'll take some good old sudafed before bed....which, the way i'm feeling right now, could well be within the next hour or so.... *yawn*

i brought the wash up from the dryer, changed the lightbulb in the living room, folded the clothes, then lay down for a few minutes. i'd just gotten comfy and was ready to drift off, when H came home. (an hour earlier than expected)

He kindly took my car to put air in the front tire. i'd told him it looked low to me, and he concurred. Since i can't get down there to put air in, he does it.

He also went to Swiss Chalet and brought home dinner. That was very sweet. Right now, he's on the phone with his Dad. He had a better day at work today, and seems in a good mood, though he said he's feeling very tired. (understandably so)

i said "Howdy" to L a few minutes ago. He said "Howdy" back, but so far, that's been the entire conversation. i'm too tired to make much effort. My feet are cold, too. i think a nice cup of eggnog, "fortified" with some brandy, or Southern Comfort if we're out of the former will do me a world of good. And then off to bed.....
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