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My One True Life by wayward heart
December 2002
1Winding Down // Ms. Fix-it
2Winter Wonderland
3Tuesday Tidbits and Soupsicles
4Care Bears and Christmas Preparations
5Holiday Favorites Survey
6i treasure every gifty // Sending Christmas Cards
7Sunshiny Saturday // Oh Doe...Dot a code id by doze....
8Restless Night
9(S)ick with the annual "itis"
10Forget "Chicken Soup"....
11Don't bother me, i'm taking a sick day
12A Thank You Note (and a reply)
13Friday Night Fluff
14Dreams are not enough
15 Drizzly, Dark, and Dreary
16The Baking Elf Arrives
17Quote Du Jour // Quiet Day, Quiet Night, Quiet Feeling
18Peaceful Solitude // Christmas Gift Dilemma
19Quote Du Jour // Merrily i roll along......
20Screw the Balls...and other Christmas Traditions // New Journalist
22Baccala and Christmas Themes // Just a big kid
23Quote Du Jour // What do you do with a Drunken Aussie?
24Last night's email correspondence // Quote Du Jour Holiday Wishes // One More Sleep Till Christmas
25A Very White Christmas
26Old Friends and other stuff
27Nothing much
28A Garbo Night
29Best of Both Worlds // The MochaMobile
30Christmas Came Again
31New Year's Eve Traditions New and Old

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(S)ick with the annual "itis"
December 9, 2002

i have a dr's app't at 10:45. i know i have a sinus infection. This morning i woke up, and both my ears felt like i'd been swimming underwater. No fever though, so i am going to go into work...but after the doctor's app't. No point in going in for a half hour, only to turn around and come almost all the way home to the dr's office.

i wanted to take the whole day off, but H made some comment about how HE goes in when he's sick. Yes, and so do i...when i'm sick with a cold...but given my history of upper respiratory infections, i know when to say "i'm staying home". But since i don't have a fever, and can actually breathe at the moment (i can't hear too well, but i can breathe now!), i think i can make it. If i can't, well, i'll come home. i don't expect i'll get to work much before noon, and with any luck, we'll be out around 2 or 2:30. i think i can handle 2 hours. (i hope) The other reason i'm willing to go in, is that i like Gwen (the supervisor) and hate to leave her short-handed. i didn't ever give a damn about leaving Brad short-handed, but he was a jerk Smile

i also have a phone call in to the vet's office, to see if we can get a prescription for the Rimadyl. This morning, my crazy dog went out at 7:15am...and i couldn't get him to come inside. i finally had to open the window and call him. Even then, he stood around for a few minutes, before i (standing barefoot on the porch, in front of the open door when it's only 2 outside), finally lost my patience and told him to "Come inside NOW". Silly beast. Smile

i think i'll go lie down for a few minutes, since i don't have to be to the dr's for awhile.

i hate doctors. This morning i made a 10:45am appointment. i didn't see the doctor until 11:30. And it wasn't even my doctor, it was the other woman in the practice. She was very nice and all, but jeeze, i already didn't feel well....what made her think waiting 45 mins would improve either my health or my dispostion. Not that i was rude or anything, i just almost fell asleep in the exam room while waiting for her.

My blood pressure was high. Nothing new there, and not surprising that it would be even higher than usual, since i'm sick. But she wanted me to make a follow-up app't with my doctor for next week. FEH. Just give me my amoxicillin (even if it does come as huge horse pills) and let me go home!!

Unfortunately, i didn't go home, i went straight to work. i'd intended to drop my prescription off at the drugstore on my way, but since it was almost noon when i got the hell out of there, and i'd told Gwen i'd be there around noon, i didn't want to take the time.

So, by the time i got out of work after 2pm, and got to the drugstore, it was during the pharmacist's lunch hour (2-3pm). The girl at the counter was very sweet and apologetic, said they'd have it as close to 3pm as possible. By this time it was 2:30, and i knew if i went home, i'd never force myself to go back out again. So, i walked next door to the little Chinese Restaurant, and treated myself to lunch! i finally had the hot & sour soup i'd been so desiring...i even added some extra "hot" to it. And i had eggplant in garlic sauce and fried rice. i took half of those home...they'll be a nice lunch on Wed.

When i got home, i left a message for L to tell him i was going to try to lie down for awhile. Well, that lasted only about an hour, if i lie flat longer than that, i can't breathe.

i got up, L and i chatted, he helped me with a computer problem. This was probably not a good day to tackle that...cause fixing one thing, led to problems with something else, and by that time, i was hungry, exhausted, and at the end of my rope. i ended up crying on the phone to him. i even yelled at him, not cause i was mad at him, but because i just feel frazzled and sick and worn out and can't seem to get any rest. He was tender and kind, and told me not to cry or be upset.

i've calmed down, enough to write this. We're supposed to watch "Taken" tonight...i don't know if i feel up to chatting while we watch. Though i hate to leave him when i'm upset and weepy. Perhaps he won't mind too much if i just sit with pico phone and occasionally cough or blow my nose into he knows i'm still there Smile i would like his company, but i don't feel up to being companionable.

i want my Mommy......
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