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My One True Life by wayward heart
December 2002
1Winding Down // Ms. Fix-it
2Winter Wonderland
3Tuesday Tidbits and Soupsicles
4Care Bears and Christmas Preparations
5Holiday Favorites Survey
6i treasure every gifty // Sending Christmas Cards
7Sunshiny Saturday // Oh Doe...Dot a code id by doze....
8Restless Night
9(S)ick with the annual "itis"
10Forget "Chicken Soup"....
11Don't bother me, i'm taking a sick day
12A Thank You Note (and a reply)
13Friday Night Fluff
14Dreams are not enough
15 Drizzly, Dark, and Dreary
16The Baking Elf Arrives
17Quote Du Jour // Quiet Day, Quiet Night, Quiet Feeling
18Peaceful Solitude // Christmas Gift Dilemma
19Quote Du Jour // Merrily i roll along......
20Screw the Balls...and other Christmas Traditions // New Journalist
22Baccala and Christmas Themes // Just a big kid
23Quote Du Jour // What do you do with a Drunken Aussie?
24Last night's email correspondence // Quote Du Jour Holiday Wishes // One More Sleep Till Christmas
25A Very White Christmas
26Old Friends and other stuff
27Nothing much
28A Garbo Night
29Best of Both Worlds // The MochaMobile
30Christmas Came Again
31New Year's Eve Traditions New and Old

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Christmas Came Again
December 30, 2002

My package arrived today. Smile It was waiting for me on the kitchen table when i got home from work.

i really wanted to wait to open it for when L would be online. Had H been working today as he'd originally been scheduled to do, i would have waited. As it was, he was (and still is) out running errands. But since i have no idea when L will get his indolent, but sexy self out of bed and online, i decided i'd better not wait. Nothing would dampen the experience of opening a gift from my lover quite as much as having my husband standing there watching. And to go shut myself in another room to open it would be rude.

So, i opened it when i got home. i knew he'd sent earrings, but the box seemed a little large for just a pair of earrings. He'd even giftwrapped it, and unlike most men, done a very good job of it, too. (always knew he was good with his hands! Blushing )

When i opened the box, there was a smaller box inside, containing the pair of earrings. i knew they'd be dreamcatcher ones, cause that's what i'd picked for Maureen when i bought her a thank you gift.

These are beautiful....more "Traditionally Southwestern" than what i'd bought for Maureen. They're round silver dreamcatchers, with three silver feathers dangling from each one, and a small irregular shaped bead of turquoise in the center. i remember L suggesting a similar pair when i was looking for Maureen's. These are very much L's taste...simple, traditional. i love them. (of course, i'd've loved them even had they been hideous, but i know L has good taste...he chose me, didn't he?? Laughing )

But it was the other gift in the box that brought tears to my eyes. It was a total surprise, and it's something with a lot of meaning for me.

On my very first visit to Texas, when we went to The Spotted Pony, i got my purple cowboy hat. i also saw a gorgeous must have been a foot in diameter at least, maybe a 18". And it was purple! i'm passionate about purple, and this called to me.

It wasn't that expensive, and i probably could have bought it....but it was far larger than i could pack in my small suitcase, and more money than i really felt i should spend.

In the only photo i have of L and i together, however, which was taken by the proprietor of the store, you can see the purple dreamcatcher in the background.

So, you can undoubtedly guess what was in the box along with the earrings...."my" purple miniature!! (about 2" across). i held it and cried for a few minutes...then hung it from the knob on the window shutter just over my side of the bed.

He bought me something unexpected, but more than that, he bought me something that says: "I love you. I know you. I remember." It may be a small gift, but it flooded my heart with such love, gratitude, and joy.

i feel very blessed. Angelic innocence and very much... Hopelessly in love

When H still hadn't returned home by 4:20, i took a chance and phoned L to thank him. He was glad i'd liked the gifts. He said he couldn't find any purple earrings. Smile

He also said the purple dreamcatcher was for my car, but that i could hang it wherever i'd like. i think it's sweet he thought of the MochaMobile, but to be honest, i rather prefer it over my bed....i like thinking of him being near me while i'm sleeping....or just thinking about him and i in bed...and not sleeping Blushing

He did remember the purple dreamcatcher i mentioned. And he knows how much i like dreamcatchers in general, and any and everything purple Smile

H is home now, so i have to go and put away the groceries he bought. He ran errands today, so there won't be much to do on New Year's Day.

Pardon me while i float a few inches off the floor, and my heart hums happily.... Hopelessly in love
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