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My One True Life by wayward heart
May 2004
1Does Anything This Boring Need a Title?
2Serious Sneakers Don't Come With Velcro
3I Am Strong! I Am Invincible! I am Woman!! // Quote Du Jour // Boz-in' In The Bathroom
4Panache Update
5Quote Du Jour // Snippets of Stuff
6Quote Du Jour
7H's Birthday
8Today I
9Happy Mother's Day
10Tiring Day
11It Doesn't Take a Village.....
12One Month.....reward time!
13I Feel Pretty (but a little wilted)
14My Mind is Like Teflon.....Nothing Sticks
15Play Ball
16WARNING: Rant and "Adult" Language Below
19"It's Only a Model." "Shhhhhhhh" // What's The Point of Shopping, If You Don't BUY Something?!
20Not Very Exciting
22Positive Day
23Swell Sunday // Popsie's Reply
24Last Day of FRRRRREEEEEEDDDDOOOOOMMMM MMM // Green Socks and a Freaky Night
25You're Only Lonely
27Somewhere Over the Rainbow
28Nailed! (and going to the dogs, among other things)
30Open for the Season // He did do something nice
31Unmemorable Day

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Quote Du Jour // Snippets of Stuff
May 5, 2004

Happiness is not in our circumstances, but in ourselves. It is not something we see, like a rainbow, or feel, like the heat of a fire. Happiness is something we are.
-- John B. Sheerin

Snippets of Stuff

Had a great workout at the gym today. Did two 6-min stints on the elliptical, plus a half hour on the machines. And walked around the block with Karen this evening. I wore a dress to work yesterday that used to feel just a tad snug, and now it's loose. My red coat is starting to feel way too big (damn, and i LOVE that coat, too. I just bought it in Oct). And the grey slacks that i wore today, that i bought in Feb, are getting baggy. Karen said my face is looking slimmer (though she may not be totally objective) Anyway, i feel great.

Some bad news at work today. Maureen quit!! I don't know why. I think it may have been because her hours were cut, and she has to drive quite a ways. i left her a message, but she didn't call back.

Tonia asked me if i wanted Maureen's hours. I said "Not really"...but i thought she just meant for this week. I didn't realize she meant permanently. But now, i don't want them. A year ago, i'd've jumped at them...i wanted all the hours i could get, so i could leave that horrid telemarketing job. But now, i'm very happy with the hours i have. I did tell Tonia that if it would be easier to find someone to work an entire Wed, rather than just 1-4, i'd be willing to cut my hours to just Tues & Thurs.

I definitely do not want Maureen's Fri afternoon hours. No thank you. Tonia asked if i could work this Fri., but it's H's birthday, so i declined.

And Debbie called tonight while i was out walking with Karen, and wanted to know if i'd work Sunday, May 16 for her. But we're going to Toronto on Sat, to see the BlueJays, and i know we won't be home till quite late. i'm not going to be in any mood to go to work on Sunday! (i hate working Sundays anyway)

Hope they find someone to replace Maureen. But i'm really bummed that she quit. She was the one i enjoyed working with the most. At the Holiday Parties, H and i always hung with her and her husband. i'm going to miss her. Maybe i'll send her a card...i think i have her address somewhere.

Tonight, I got to give Karen's dog, Ranger, his insulin shot. He's such a sweetie, he never even moved when i did it. It's not that it's difficult to do (other than trying to find skin under all his hair!), but i was so afraid i'd hurt him.

Karen's husband refuses to learn how to administer the shots (he hates needles), and she (rightly) feels there needs to be a backup person. So, i'm it.

It's not something i'm thrilled about doing, but i know she feels better knowing i can...just in case.

While at the JCC this afternoon, I was approached by a little old man. "Lady, Oh Lady", he called. Took me a minute to realize i was the only other person in the hall, so he had to be talking to me.

"What do you do with all that hair?", he asked me.
"Do?" (what does one "do" with hair??)
"Well, look at me", he said, taking off his baseball cap. He was bald.
"Did you want some of mine?", i offered, smiling.
"No", he said, "I don't want it. But there are many women who have cancer, who've lost their hair. They're desperate for natural hair for wigs. Call Blue Cross, and find out.", he told me.
I told him when it gets a little longer, I will look into it.

I can't imagine cutting my hair, even though it's now hip-length. But if i ever do decide to do so, i will look into donating it. If i could cut it, and still have it close to waist-length, i would do it.

Blood i won't donate....but hair i would. (it's non-invasive)

H spoke to the dog obedience instructor. She suggested we keep Panache in the class, at least for a couple more weeks. Then, if we really don't feel she's progressing, she'll see about getting us into the beginner's class (which is full)

I'm a little miffed at H for calling and trying to move her, without telling me. He'd decided before we even started class that she wasn't going to do well, and so all he sees is that she doesn't obey.

What he doesn't see is that his handling has at least something to do with her lack of response. If she doesn't obey instantly and perfectly, she's at fault in his mind. If i'm training her, and she doesn't obey perfectly and instantly, i question what I did or didn't do to not make my expectations clear to her, or to get her respect and cooperation. I don't want to make training a battle of wills. I want it to be a partnership.

Though there are times, for instance, grooming her, which she doesn't especially like, where i've just made it clear to her that she doesn't have a choice in the matter. When she jumps off the chair, i haul her ass back onto it, and continue. She's gotten much much better about staying for brushing. She'll still stand, and look like she wants to jump down, but a simple, stern, "NO" from me, is enough now. Of course, i spent weeks dragging her ass back up onto the chair every 3 minutes, until she learned i meant business!

I'm going to suggest to H that i handle her in class, and he can do "homework" with her. He's in the living room now, practicing her sits. He doesn't have much insight or patience. What he really needs is a "Train the trainer" class!

Thank god we're "only" training a dog, and never tried to raise children! I shudder to think of all the years of therapy our offspring would've had to endure! Laughing

Well, i think i've done rambled myself right out of anything more to say! (probably about time!) G'night!!

Oh, and Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!!

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