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My One True Life by wayward heart
July 2004
1Lights Out // Weird Little Man
2Will this ever end? // One Brief Shining Moment
4Does This Really Need a Title??
5These Feets Were Made For Walkin'
6Quote Du Jour // Almost Done
7Movie Survey // DONE!!!
8Ready To Go
17Surprises // Just When I Thought It Couldn't Get Weirder.....
18And the Survey Says: // Still the Kool-Aid Mom
19Quote Du Jour // Just Monday
20Too Many Messes
21Just Bitching
22More Bitching
23Peace and Quiet
24Holding On // Playlist for a Breakdown
25Putting Myself Back Together (for now)
27Straddle Your Noodles // Highlight
28Normal's Not Good Enough Any More // WAH!!!
29Every Now And Then It Boils Over
30Seeing the Counselor // Conversation
31A Little Prayer // Cue Gloria Gaynor

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Ready To Go
July 8, 2004

i'll be going to bed in an hour or so. Scott's driving us to the station tomorrow morning. We'll leave here around 6:45. The train leaves at 7:30.

If all goes well, and there are no suicidal poultry on the tracks, we should arrive in NYC around 2:25. It's another hour on the LIRR to Mom's. I hope to be there by 4:30 (depending on which LIRR train we catch)

Lois is planning to meet us at the Rite Aid. Karen wants to buy diet pop. I never did get around to buying the Hershey's Kisses for our "goody bags". Oh well, just as easy to buy them there.

i've come up with what i think is the perfect way to surprise Mom. I'll let Lois and Karen stand out of sight by the garage, and i'll go to the door. Mom will wonder how i got home (since i won't have phoned her from the station)...and i'll tell her "I got a ride".

She'll have to ask "With whom?" (since no one i know lives in town anymore)...and that's when Lois and Karen can come out and yell "Surprise!"

I hope it all goes according to plan.

I just finished packing my "lunch" (ie: provisioning myself for a month long exile). I've got a PB&J sandwich, baby carrots, leftover green beans (cause they'll only spoil if i don't take them...H'll never eat them), an apple, a plum, 4 pieces of string cheese (to share with Karen), some blueberries (again, cause they'll spoil otherwise), a container of yogurt, and 4 Atkins Bars (so i'll have some for the week, and for the trip back, just in case). Yes, i remembered napkins and a plastic spoon, too. Oh, and the bottle of water is in the freezer. Have to remember to put it in the lunch bag in the morning.

I'm all set to go. I've showered, washed, and french braided my hair, got my clothes laid out, and everything ready to go.

I am soooooo looking forward to this weekend...and the WEEK!!

I won't be online at all. My parents don't own a computer, and while my brother does, i wouldn't use it without him being home. And he's in Latvia right now.

I got some really nice compliments at work today. Three different people commented that i look like i've lost weight, and that i look good. I was quite proud. (and to date, i've lost 37 lbs)

I'm a little worried about the upcoming week...just because i won't be able to stick to my routine like i do at home. i'm really diligent about weighing and measuring what i eat and keeping track. I'm committed to working out every day.I know it won't be the same when i'm at Mom's....not to mention the whole emotional thing that happens when you go "home".

I'm going to do my best....i don't want to use this week as an "excuse" to blow all the hard work i've done. I'm looking on this week as a challenge to the changes i've made so far. How well have i established them? How can i sustain them? I can swim, i can walk....and i can at least be careful of how much i eat. It might not be reasonable to lose weight this week...but i don't have to throw it all away and gain weight, either.

On the other hand, neither do i want to be a 'wet blanket' and spoil everyone's weekend, and my own vacation by being tiresome and joyless about things, either. i intend to enjoy my Mom's homemade chocolate cake, and enjoy our "Hot Fudge Sundaes For Dinner" night (maybe make mine just a little smaller than usual....)

Mostly though, i just want to go and have FUN!!!!!

See everybody in a week!!

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