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My One True Life by wayward heart
August 2007
1A boring entry about kitchen contractors (with Update)
2A Fun Day
3Pissing, Moaning, and Bitching
4Sittin' In The New Chair
7You Say ToMAYto, and I say ToMAHto***
11Market Day
12Busy, Busy, Busy
14The Geography of A Woman
15Still Busy
16Mental (and Physical) Health Day
19Wonderul Weekend
20Frendz to the Endz
21Where Did Summer Go?
22Discovery Room Story
23Tarot Card Quiz // The End of Another Long Day
25Over To The Dark Side
26Gettin' Ready For Tea // The Bees' Knees
29And The Winner Is....
31Kitchen Plans In the Works

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Over To The Dark Side
August 25, 2007

I caved. I broke down. I gave in. I went over to the dark side.....I bought a Webkinz!!!

When I saw how much fun Sam was having the other night, and how excited he was about it, and especially when he came to the library yesterday and brought "Tiny Tiger" with him so he could play on the computers there....I could no longer resist.

This morning I went over to Karen's for coffee and cake. She said she had to go the drugstore to pick up prescriptions. I asked if she'd like to go to the toy store. She was surprised, to say the least. But we went. (and she didn't buy one!! Amazing!)

I have a L'il Kinz elephant that I named Snickers. (cause they're packed with peanuts...and my favorite candy bar).

We went back to her house and I signed on and registered Snickers with Scott's computer. She got on her laptop, and showed me around the site. We figured out how to add each other as friends (I invited Tim and Sam to be my friends, too), and even how to get our webkinz to play together on line. Tim happened to sign on, and the 3 of us played in one of Karen's rooms until Tim and I got booted off (we don't know why). It was kind of fun.

My only problem is technical....the site requires a higher screen resolution than mine is set to, and when I set my monitor to their recommended settings, everything else on my monitor goes completely flooey....the icons are miniscule, the text infintesimal. I tried futzing around with it, and accidently wiped out my desktop theme (which I managed to relocate) and my wallpaper (Aragorn!), (which I had to search out online). I'm going to have to ask L for assistance....or else only access the site at Karen's. (not terribly convenient).

Besides playing around most of the afternoon (lest you think I was totally unproductive!), I spent most of the morning getting ready for tomorrow's tea (Patti and I are co-hostessing). I made curried chicken salad, blue cheese spread (which I'll pair with sliced pears), I glazed the lemon yogurt cake, and baked a zucchini crescent pie for Tuesday's luncheon at the library.

I also spoke on the phone with Mom and Dad, and with Tim, and with Karen (twice). So I haven't been completely slothful.

I think I'm in pretty good shape for tomorrow's tea. In the morning I have to:

  • Cut the crusts off the bread
  • Grate the pears
  • Assemble the blue cheese-pear sandwiches
  • Assemble the curried chicken salad sandwiches (On mini-croissants, with a schmear of mango chutney)
  • Bake the scones
  • Heat the mincemeat
  • Fill the phyllo cups
  • Plate things up
  • Shower
  • Tote all the food over to Patti's

She's got the part I like the least: all the table setting and stuff. I much prefer dealing with the food. She's making trifle, too. I think it'll be a good tea. Only 7 of the ladies are able to make it, but it should be a good time. The weather is even supposed to be pleasant...not too hot, and no rain predicted. Hooray for that!

Speaking of the weather, I saw part of a rainbow this evening. The sky got very yellow-ish, and it looked like we were about to be in for a storm (which never materialized). I happened to glance out the front door, and saw the edge of a rainbow. I always take them as a sign of good things.

And speaking of good things: Lois got both a new job, AND found a house!! She'll be moving from Mass. to Kentucky at the end of Sept. We're all very happy for her. Now she gets to start her new life for real!

And that's it for tonight. I'm going to go watch "The Two Towers" (I never get tired of those movies, no matter how many times I see them, and even though they're butchered with commercials). I'll probably phone L, too, and see if there's anything that can be done about my monitor settings. (I doubt it though...I have a feeling I'll have to keep switching back and forth from one setting to the other, depending on what I'm doing. Feh. Oh well)
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