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My One True Life by wayward heart
January 2008
1I Wish You A Brave New Year
3What Simple Folk Do
6Channeling Ingmar Bergman
9Done Did My Duty
11Lights Out
13RATS!! (Real, Animated, and Metaphorically Speaking)
15Hey, Mikey!
16The Contractor Follies, Episode Two
17Quote Du Jour // Feh
21Tea Bitches and 89 Lemons
22A Good Day and a No Show
23A Red Letter Day Brought To You By The Letter "S"
25Too Busy To Work
27Tea For Three and Three For Tea
29The World Is Safe From Monsters
31Fast Forward

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Tea For Three and Three For Tea
January 27, 2008

The Tea Party turned out very well. It was just Patti, her husband Bill, and I, so it was pretty laid back. But we still had a 'meeting' of sorts, along with tea. I have to say, I think the food turned out very well. I was slightly disappointed in the reheating it, the bottom crust got very soggy. But other than that, I think everything turned out well. The scones, in particular, I thought were excellent. I used the same recipe I always use, but this time, instead of cutting them into small rounds with a cookie cutter, I cut them into larger wedges (because there were fewer guests to serve), and I think they were much, much better. Patti even suggested I enter this year's scone baking contest at the county fair! (which, btw, The Tea Society is sponsoring again)

Just for my records, here's the menu:

Tomato-Basil Soup with roasted red bell pepper
Egg-Olive Salad Sandwiches

Spinach Quiche (with mushrooms and onions)
Romaine Salad with sun-dried tomatoes and a homemade sun-dried tomato vinaigrette

Clotted Cream (Patti brought her homemade version)

Warm Winter Lemon Cake

The cake recipe I got from Kraft Food & Family Magazine awhile ago. It was dead easy, and very tasty. I would make it again in the summer, but serve it cold with berries (macerated in sherry) and whipped cream....and turn it into a mock Trifle.

Although the Tea Party itself was relatively relaxing (as much as it could be with my having to get up to serve, reheat, bake, etc.), I'm tired. It's the prep and clean-up (especially the latter) that's exhausting.

I washed the pots and silverware by hand (because I used my great aunt's real silver flatware), loaded up the dishwasher, which is running right now, I'm not going to bother emptying it until tomorrow.

I also rinsed the lace runner and cloth napkins I used in some Clorox and water, smeared stain stick on the tablecloth (cause naturally I dribbled tea on it while I was pouring), and threw the napkins and tablecloth into the washer. They'll get laundered on Friday.

The good thing is I've got leftover sandwiches, soup, and salad for lunch after work tomorrow. Enough quiche for a couple of days, too...and even one cup of tea and a half dozen scones left.

Now I'm going to go spend some time with Panache. It was such a lovely day weather-wise that she stayed outside from 9:30 until 5:30. I went out to pooper scoop and play with her around 11, and tried to get her to come in around 1....but she wanted no part of it.

She finally came in to visit with Patti for a few minutes around her suppertime. She liked Patti. She went into her play mode...bowing, bringing Patti her flippity toy, and even barking at Patti to go get it the way she barks at Mom!

Right now, she's sacked out by the front door. I think she's too pooped to want to play, but I think she might like some company, since she was alone all day. I TRIED to get her to come in, but all she wanted was for me to come out and be with her.

On the one hand, I'm glad she's so independent, since she does have to spend most of the day alone while I'm at work. On the other hand, she's so independent that sometimes I don't feel she's really all that bonded with me.

But we do seem to make a pretty good "team" nonetheless. And I really love her, even with all her idiosyncrasies and 'diva-ness'.
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