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My One True Life by wayward heart
August 2008
3Defective Toy And Other "Stuff"
6Out Of The Mouths Of Babes
7An Owie And A Laugh
87 Deadly Sins Quiz
11Monday, Monday, Monday
14Work: Just One Big Party
16A Hair Raising Tale
17Splendid Sunday
18Fretful Horizons, Worrisome Skies
19In The Light Of Day
20I Want A Refund On Yesterday
24Shoppin' 'N Cookin'
25New (But Not Rose-Colored) Glasses
26Quote Du Jour

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A Hair Raising Tale
August 16, 2008

I woke up yesterday ready for a change.

So, I made a phone call.

I stopped on the way home from work last night.

I had my hair cut.

It's 6-8" shorter than it was. Instead of mid-back length, now it's just below my shoulders in back, and an inch or so below my chin in front.

The girl who cut it put in several layers. The more layers, the less weighty my hair is, and the less weighty it is, the more it curls. So now I have mid-length, semi-curly hair.

I can still pull it back in a pony tail, or put back just the front, so it's not a drastic change. I like it. It actually feels 'lighter'.

I think my hair has changed over the last decade or so. It's always been very thick, but it seems to have gotten wavier/curlier than it used to be. Maybe it's my imagination, or maybe it's the way I used to wear it, but I don't remember it being this curly (except when my Mom used to perm it....then I looked like a sheep!)

Mom says when I was a little girl I had curly hair, until my grandmother took me to her sister's beauty salon and had it all cut off into a 'pixie cut'. (Mom, btw, never forgave my grandmother OR her sister for that...since they never asked her permission to cut my hair).

Dad used to cut my hair when I was in elementary school (he still does my mothers, and hers looks terrific). But just because his father was a barber, doesn't mean my dad was one! For years I had that damnable pixie cut. Which might look cute on a pixie, but believe me, when you're built more like a gnome, it just doesn't work!!

Finally, in junior high, I told Dad "No more!", and grew my hair long and straight (parted in the middle. It was 'the look'). I kept it long all through high school. In my sweet 16 pictures, I have rag curls. My hair might've been straight, but it always took a curl well.

When I went on to college, my waist-length hair got to be too much to take care of, so I had it cut...first just a little shorter, and then finally to about the length it is now, just below my shoulders. Lots of feathery layers on the sides to make them 'flip' back....very disco! LOL

I cut my hair a little shorter after I got married, and Mom would perm it for me, so for most of my late 20's, early 30's I had overly-curly hair. Then I stopped perming, and just kept it kind of short and layered.

I used to color it in my 30's, too. I loved auburn hair, and since I was starting to get greys, I figured it was a good opportunity to have the color I always wanted. I was several different shades of auburn/red.

When I turned 40, I woke up one day, sick of short hair. And I let it grow. I also stopped coloring it in my early 40's. The grey was coming in faster than I could keep up with it, and it was too expensive, too time consuming, and too much of a pain to keep coloring it (and the color wasn't covering the grey, or lasting very long either).

So, I let my hair go 'natural'. A couple of years ago, I cut off a foot of it and donated it to "Locks of Love". And then, until yesterday, anyway, pretty much left it alone and let it go back to 'natural'.

It's about 60/40 medium brown/grey. The grey isn't evenly distributed, either...there's big swatches of it in the underlayers of my hair, but the top layers are still mainly brown with strands and streaks of grey. I wish it would hurry up and go ALL grey/silver.

Right now, I'm liking this cooler, lighter, shorter, curlier 'do...especially since I don't have to "DO" anything to it!
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