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My One True Life by wayward heart
August 2008
3Defective Toy And Other "Stuff"
6Out Of The Mouths Of Babes
7An Owie And A Laugh
87 Deadly Sins Quiz
11Monday, Monday, Monday
14Work: Just One Big Party
16A Hair Raising Tale
17Splendid Sunday
18Fretful Horizons, Worrisome Skies
19In The Light Of Day
20I Want A Refund On Yesterday
24Shoppin' 'N Cookin'
25New (But Not Rose-Colored) Glasses
26Quote Du Jour

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Splendid Sunday
August 17, 2008

I've had a lovely, relaxing weekend. Last night, Panache and I went over to Karen's for dinner. She invited Ellen, Gil, and Sam as well. We had a nice time hanging out.

This morning, Her Divaship and I went back over for coffee. And Panache did something she's never done before (and I don't mean pooping on the rug...she's done that!). Would you believe, she actually lay down at Karen's?!?! She usually spends the entire time we're there wandering around from room to room, constantly up and moving. Today, she honest-to-goodness stopped and came in for a landing! Of course, she only lay down for a minute...but it's a start!

She's been outside the rest of the day, sometimes lying in her dirt hole under the shrubs, sometimes laying on the sidewalk by the front gate, sometimes barking at the neighbors going to and fro.

I've spoken to Lois, and to my parents, pooper scooped, put out the garbage, and started my tray project. I've got two coats of paint on the outside, one on the inside. When this latest coat is dry, I'll decide whether or not to put on a second coat (I probably will).

When all the painting is done and dry, I'll most likely varnish it. Then I can start tiling the inside of it. I'm in no hurry to get it done (though I'd like it to be finished before I have to start working weekends again).

It's just a little something to amuse myself, and use up the leftover tiles from the kitchen remodeling. (I have four green and two border tiles left).

Couldn't have asked for lovelier weather this weekend, either. I've got the windows open, and all the fans turned on. It's 80 outside, with a beautiful breeze, and not a cloud in the sky. Just gorgeous.

Now I'm going to grill up a steak in my new grill pan, and watch "Summer Stock" (it's Gene Kelly day on TCM).

Tomorrow I have a 2:15 eye doctor appointment. I knew it had been about 2 years since I'd had an eye exam, but I hadn't realized how long ago until I called to make the appointment and they couldn't find my name. It had been before my divorce was final, and before I'd changed my name back! Definitely overdue for an exam.

I have health insurance, but it doesn't include a vision plan, so I have to pay out-of-pocket. I'm hoping my prescription hasn't changed (but it's more likely that it has). If it has, I have to decide whether to get new frames, or just new lenses and keep these frames. We'll see what kind of specials they're running, but it's likely I'll apply my AAA discount to new lenses and keep my current frames. I like them well enough.

Besides, cutting my hair AND getting new glasses might be too much change all at once, and no one will recognize me! LOL

The thing I hate most about eye exams (besides the eye drops that dilate your pupils so that you're blind for half a day), is when the optometrist starts changing lenses and asking: "Which is better? This? Or this? Or this?"

Most of the time, I don't see any difference whatsoever between any of them. You'd think they'd have developed a more accurate method by now.

Anyway, I'm getting really hungry. All I've had to eat today is two cups of coffee and a few of the cookies I brought to Karen's yesterday. Time for supper!
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