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My One True Life by wayward heart
December 2011
1Vacation, Part 2
3The Creche (Photo Heavy)
4Standard Sunday
5A Lovely, Lazy Monday
7Random Christmas Thoughts (with bullets)
8More Christmas Song Chatter
9Billed For The Privilege
10Short Saturday Entry
11Miscellany (For Want Of A Title)
12Quote Du Jour // Happy Monday
13More Random (non-musical) Christmas Thoughts
15Sad Day, Sick-ish Day, & A Happy Christmas Memory
16Don't Call For Dead Woodchucks
17Christmas Tea
18Duck and Dick For Christmas Dinner
19A Businessy Day and A Quote
20A Quickie and A Couple of Maxine Cartoons
21Drenched But Drying Out
23Unexpected Gift
24Christmas With Family
25Merry Chrismakwanzakkah!
26Duck Soup
27Quote Du Jour
28It's Mommy and Patootie Time!
29Done For the Week....and Done In!
30What I Did On My Day Off
31The New Year Approaches

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Sad Day, Sick-ish Day, & A Happy Christmas Memory
December 15, 2011

Today is not such a good day. Today is 3 years since my Dad died. I got through the day, which is about the best I can say for it. And which is all I'm going to say. Except to add, I miss Dad terribly, but that goes without saying.

If I dwell on it, I'll only start crying (again), so....moving on.

Last night I watched "Live From Lincoln Center" on PBS. They presented "The Nutcracker". I really enjoyed it.

When Brother and I were little, someone (I don't remember who), gave Brother a recording of "The Nutcracker". It was done for children, and contained excerpts of the music, and a narrator telling the story.

I don't remember Brother being all that interested in it (though he loved music), but I loved it. In fact, I used to borrow it and listen to it. I think I may have permanently "borrowed" it, and it may be among my other records. (I don't think he misses it).

Back in '82 or '83, in one of his more inspired moments, the ex gave me, as a Christmas gift, tickets to see "The Nutcracker" at Lincoln Center on the day after Christmas.

Lincoln Center itself is pretty impressive, and I was excited just being there (I'd never been there before, nor have I been there since).

We had the perfect seats: 1st mezzanine, 2nd row, dead center. We could see everything!! And being in the mezzanine, we didn't have to look over anyone's heads!

I don't know much about ballet, and wouldn't call myself a fan...but this was pure delight! Everything was magical...the costumes, the sets, the colors, the music, the dancing....I was completely mesmerized. It took my breath away. Just splendid. It was unforgettable. (and one of the very best, if not THE best, Christmas gift the ex ever gave me)

I enjoyed watching last night's production, and though it wasn't the same as being brought back great memories. Which of course, I felt obliged to share!

Besides today being a sad day for me, I've been feeling kind of 'off' today. My stomach's been kind of upset. Not nauseous exactly, or at least not to the point where I really feel sick...but just not right. A little queasy, a little bloated...hungry, but not really wanting to eat (though that didn't stop me from having a few homemade Christmas cookies someone brought in). Just.....blech. It feels like a very, very, mild case of food poisoning (or morning sickness...and I KNOW it's not that!)...

And I don't think it's anything I've eaten lately. The only thing I could think it might be, is the Zicam I've been taking. The last time I used Zicam, I bought the nasal spray, but they didn't have it this time, so I bought these orange-flavored "ez melt" things. I was following the directions yesterday, and taking one every 3 hours...I wonder if that could have upset my stomach? I took one this morning, and a little while later is when I started feeling I didn't take any more.

I don't feel any worse than I did, which is good. Don't feel a whole lot better, either, but I suppose it could take time for whatever it is to work its way out of my system. Anyway, tonight's dinner was a cuppa tea and some toast. I considered a scrambled egg, but the thought of it made my tummy flip flop, so I decided against it. Whatever it is, I hope I get over it soon.

At least I'm home tomorrow, so I can baby myself if I have to. Saturday is our Christmas Tea party and gift exchange, and I'd really like to be able to enjoy going, and not feel queasy.

I bought the cutest grab bag gift for our exchange. My friend Carol gave me this tea infuser for my birthday last year, and I just think it's adorable, so I bought one to give.

Now it's time to call Mom, and we'll both have a good cry.
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