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My One True Life by wayward heart
December 2011
1Vacation, Part 2
3The Creche (Photo Heavy)
4Standard Sunday
5A Lovely, Lazy Monday
7Random Christmas Thoughts (with bullets)
8More Christmas Song Chatter
9Billed For The Privilege
10Short Saturday Entry
11Miscellany (For Want Of A Title)
12Quote Du Jour // Happy Monday
13More Random (non-musical) Christmas Thoughts
15Sad Day, Sick-ish Day, & A Happy Christmas Memory
16Don't Call For Dead Woodchucks
17Christmas Tea
18Duck and Dick For Christmas Dinner
19A Businessy Day and A Quote
20A Quickie and A Couple of Maxine Cartoons
21Drenched But Drying Out
23Unexpected Gift
24Christmas With Family
25Merry Chrismakwanzakkah!
26Duck Soup
27Quote Du Jour
28It's Mommy and Patootie Time!
29Done For the Week....and Done In!
30What I Did On My Day Off
31The New Year Approaches

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Drenched But Drying Out
December 21, 2011

One more day of work to go this week....

It was busy this morning, but quiet in the afternoon.

Here's a cute story from work:

Little S, who will be 3 next month, was playing one of the toddler computer games. She was coloring pictures on the screen by tapping the keyboard. The picture she was coloring (they come up randomly), was of a windmill.

Her mom, who was sitting beside her, asked: "S, what's that?"

And without missing a beat, S replied: "Golf course."

I chuckled. Her mom looked surprised, and told me that S had only been to a miniature golf course once or twice in her life.

Guess that windmill made quite an impression!

It was pouring rain when I left for work this morning. All I could think was "thank goodness it's not snow!" We have a 30%-40% chance of light snow showers from tomorrow through Saturday. Doesn't look like we'll have much of a white Christmas. If it snows, it snows. If it doesn't, that's good too.

When I came home from work this afternoon, there was a large-ish box on my front stoop. I've gotten almost everything I ordered, save for my new gloves, but they wouldn't need a box that big, so I guessed that it must be from Mom (and Brother).

The entire top of the box was absolutely soaking wet. The bottom was fine, but the top was so wet the cardboard had gotten soft. I guess the UPS guy must've dropped it top down into one helluva puddle!

Because it was so soggy, I decided I'd better open it and make sure nothing was ruined.

Most of the contents were OK (including all the shredded paper Mom used as packing material at the bottom...that was bone dry), but one item was pretty badly saturated (it was at the top of the box)

Naturally, it was the calendar my brother sent me. It was gift wrapped, but I knew what it was (it's so darn hard to camouflage a calendar). So, in hopes of salvaging it, I unwrapped it, put a sheet of paper toweling between each month's page, and laid it on the guest room floor right in front of the heat vent. I'm hoping it will dry out and the pages won't stick. They'll be water stained, but that's all right.

The other gift Brother sent me (which feels like it's a book) was slightly damp on one edge and corner. I stuck it by the heat vent in the living room.

Fortunately, the tin of bows (cookies, not ribbons!) from Mom was unharmed. So was the bottle of Brother's homemade liqueur. Sure glad that didn't break....and I don't mean because of the mess it would've would have been a terrible waste of very good booze!

It's ironic that the ONE item that would be damaged by water was right at the top where the box got drenched. Had it been at the bottom, it would have been fine. And I would've expected the bottom of the box would be more likely to get wet than the top. *shrug*

God only knows how the poor package got manhandled....probably like the suitcase in the old American Tourister luggage ads with the gorilla tossing it around.

In case you're too young to remember those here

And on that note....I'm outta here!

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