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My One True Life by wayward heart
December 2011
1Vacation, Part 2
3The Creche (Photo Heavy)
4Standard Sunday
5A Lovely, Lazy Monday
7Random Christmas Thoughts (with bullets)
8More Christmas Song Chatter
9Billed For The Privilege
10Short Saturday Entry
11Miscellany (For Want Of A Title)
12Quote Du Jour // Happy Monday
13More Random (non-musical) Christmas Thoughts
15Sad Day, Sick-ish Day, & A Happy Christmas Memory
16Don't Call For Dead Woodchucks
17Christmas Tea
18Duck and Dick For Christmas Dinner
19A Businessy Day and A Quote
20A Quickie and A Couple of Maxine Cartoons
21Drenched But Drying Out
23Unexpected Gift
24Christmas With Family
25Merry Chrismakwanzakkah!
26Duck Soup
27Quote Du Jour
28It's Mommy and Patootie Time!
29Done For the Week....and Done In!
30What I Did On My Day Off
31The New Year Approaches

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The New Year Approaches
December 31, 2011

Whoopty doo.

Just another night here. I don't make resolutions. I don't party. I don't spend a lot of time looking back at the ending year, either. It was what it was. Good, bad, indifferent. Good bye to it.

I don't mean that to sound negative or grumpy. I think I'm a fairly upbeat, optimistic person. I just don't see a reason to make a big deal out of the arbitrary change of date. A new year is will be, in large part, whatever you make of it.

Panache got me up at 7:50am...just like a normal work day. I tried to go back to bed after I let her out, back in, and gave her breakfast, but she was having none of was time to get UP, and that was that!

How could I refuse her, when she brought her 'stuffy' toy into the bedroom, and dropped it next to the bed? It that wasn't a clear 'play with me' sign, I don't know what else would be. So, I got up, and we played for a little bit. Then she ate, and went back outside for the remainder of the morning.

I started cooking. I made:
  • roasted broccoli
  • eggplant parmigiana
  • breaded, baked pork chops
  • baked sweet potatoes
  • kale and beans
  • sweet and sour red cabbage

Then I had to find containers (and room!) for all this stuff, and do all the dishes and clean up the kitchen.

By then, it was after 11am. I ate a pork chop for lunch. I called Mom and talked to her for awhile.

Around 1pm, I was ready to crash and burn, so I forced Panache to come inside, and I went and lay down. I slept from 1:30 until 4, when Mom called and woke me up.

She called to tell me there was skating on TV. There may have been skating on her NBC channel, but it wasn't on mine! Drat!

I don't know if I didn't get enough of a nap, too much of a nap, or was too abruptly awakened, but even though I was up, I felt logy and out of it.

I forced myself to get up and put away the red cabbage (it had been cooling in the pot on the stove), and I heated myself some soup for supper. That seemed to help a little.

Then I sat and listened to "A Prairie Home Companion", live from Honolulu. I'm not a regular listener, but I enjoy the program when I do listen (which makes me wonder why I don't listen more often).

I was particularly impressed by the man who played the ukulele. He made it sound like a classical guitar. I didn't know the ukulele could do that. It was beautiful.

After the program, I got my 'second wind'...went and changed the sheets on the bed, took a shower and washed my hair. So, I'll be all fresh and clean for the new year.

This New Year's Eve, I had absolutely no plans whatsoever. When I was growing up, my paternal grandmother made pizza from scratch every New Year's Eve. Lots of pizzas. Pizza with pepperoni. One with sausage. One with both. One with veggies. One with anchovies. One with anchovies and name it, she made it.

My brother is continuing that tradition. He made the pizzas yesterday, though, when he had a shorter work day than today.

My favorite of my grandmother's was what we called scallion pie. It was really a stuffed bread, made with the leftover pizza dough, and filled with a combination of sauteed scallions (green onions), anchovies, pignoli (pine nuts), and raisins. It was sweet, salty, sharp, was just delicious. Brother makes it now. I haven't made it in years.

When I was first married, I used to make pizza from scratch for New Year's, too. But then, one year, I had to work on New Year's Eve, and that meant no time for pizza making.

So, the ex suggested we get Chinese take-out. And that became our New Year's Eve tradition from then on.

When Rick lived around the corner, he used to come for New Year's Eve, too....we'd order in, and play Trivial Pursuit till the wee hours.

When Karen and Scott moved across the street (long after Rick moved away), the 4 of us would get together. I continued going over there for a couple of years after the ex left, but haven't for the last few.

I usually plan some kind of special dinner for New Year's day for myself....usually it's leftover prime rib from Christmas. But this year, I didn't plan anything. I still have bagels and lox for tomorrow morning's breakfast, but that's it.

The Rose Parade isn't until Monday this year. The last time New Year's Day fell on a Sunday, I had to work the next day, and missed the parade. I'll be able to watch it this year. It's one thing I look forward to every New Year's.

Poor Panache is very confused. She's used to me changing the sheets and taking my shower at doing it 12 hours later has her all out of whack! She asked to go outside, but it's drizzling, so right now, she's out on the doubt wondering why I've got everything backwards, and have I lost my mind.

Well, it's 9pm....haven't decided whether or not I'm going to stay up till midnight. I actually feel more wide awake now than I did for the majority of the day. Go figure. If I make it till midnight, fine...and if I don't...2012 will be here when I wake up. At least I hope it will!!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year's Eve.
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