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My One True Life by wayward heart
January 2012
1And So It Begins....
2Wrap A Scarf Around It
3Yup.....Winter's Here
5The Cure Might Kill You
6Please Hold
8Life In 2 Hour Increments
9Cluster Fuck // 3 Hours On Hold....No Rest For The Weary
10Taken To My Bed
11Up....For Now...But Not Necessarily For Long....**EDIT**
12On The Mend
13A Stay-In Sort of Day And Weird Dreams At Night
14Feel Good Films
16New Neighbors? **Photo Heavy**
17Short Entry
18Tea And Cookies
19Cue Greta
21Garam Masala Snaps
22Frustration All Around
23Laughing In My Sleep **UPDATE**
27Nothing Much
29Cooking And Other Stuff **EDIT**
30Disturbing News From A Dear Friend
31Are You Sure It's Still January?

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And So It Begins....
January 1, 2012

A quiet, but busy-ish day. I got the laundry done, the dishwasher emptied, pooper scooped, and put out the trash.

I watched some TV, including the annual New Year's concert from Vienna (I dozed through some of that), and a figure skating show.

Later I'll watch "Downton Abbey" on Masterpiece Theater.

I spoke to Mom a few times on the phone. And my friend Carol called, while I was dozing through the Vienna program. At least her phone call woke me up so I could watch the rest of it.

The morning started out beautiful and sunny, but by noon, the clouds had rolled in, and it was drizzly. It was relatively warm for most of the day (it's still 45) although now we have a Lake effect snow watch in effect from Monday evening through Tuesday afternoon.

Tomorrow I'll put away the few Christmas decorations I have out, pay a few bills, and hang out.

I did stay up to see in the New fact, I didn't go to bed until 1:30. Mostly I was watching the Twilight Zone marathon, but occasionally I'd switch over to House Hunters or the Food Network. Since I took a 2 hour nap, I wasn't all that sleepy.

I watched a little bit of Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. Can't believe it had been 40 years since he started that. I remember growing up, we always watched Guy Lombardo ring in the New Year. When Dick Clark started his New Year's Eve show, I wanted to watch that instead (I was 14...who at 14 wants to listen to that 'old fogey' music?), and Dad was adamantly opposed to it. Dad also believed that the family should be together on New Year's Eve....and that didn't mean just being in the same meant being in the same room....watching Guy Lombardo. I couldn't even go upstairs and watch Dick Clark on the TV in my parents' bedroom (I didn't have a TV in my bedroom until I was 21 years old).

Eventually (when I was in college), I was allowed to go upstairs and watch part of the long as I was downstairs for the ball drop.

It was a little sad seeing Dick Clark last night. I knew he had a stroke years ago, so I guess he looked and sounded pretty good considering....but I remember how for decades he never seemed to age, so it was sad to see that he did after all.

I remember New Year's Eve as being a lot of fun at home. We played games most of the evening....PoKeNo being a big family favorite (similar to Bingo, but played with playing cards). There were other card games, too....sette mezze (7, which is played like blackjack), quarantuno (41), and Trentacinque (35). I don't remember how to play the last 2 any more, unfortunately.

We used to have this jar of pennies that we used for our games. At the end of the night, all the money would go back into the jar for the next day. We'd play games almost every night after dinner throughout the holidays. Then the jar would go into the dining room closet until the next year. I wouldn't be surprised if it's still there.

And if we were playing and someone ran out of money? Just grab another handful from the jar! It was the fun of playing that mattered.

New Year's morning we always watched the Rose Parade, and ate leftover pizza from New Year's Eve.

Mom would make manicotti for New Year's dinner. My job was to keep an eye on them on the griddle, and let her know when it was time to flip them. When I was old enough, I did the flipping too. Then we would fill them with ricotta, fold them, top them with sauce and mozzarella and bake them till they got all puffy and the cheese was all gooey on top. We'd serve the manicotti with homemade sauce, meatballs, and sausage.

Speaking of food, I'm getting a little hungry. I had a bagel and the rest of the lox for breakfast, and a bowl of soup around it's 7pm, and I think it's time for some supper.

Hope everyone's new year has started well.

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