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My One True Life by wayward heart
January 2012
1And So It Begins....
2Wrap A Scarf Around It
3Yup.....Winter's Here
5The Cure Might Kill You
6Please Hold
8Life In 2 Hour Increments
9Cluster Fuck // 3 Hours On Hold....No Rest For The Weary
10Taken To My Bed
11Up....For Now...But Not Necessarily For Long....**EDIT**
12On The Mend
13A Stay-In Sort of Day And Weird Dreams At Night
14Feel Good Films
16New Neighbors? **Photo Heavy**
17Short Entry
18Tea And Cookies
19Cue Greta
21Garam Masala Snaps
22Frustration All Around
23Laughing In My Sleep **UPDATE**
27Nothing Much
29Cooking And Other Stuff **EDIT**
30Disturbing News From A Dear Friend
31Are You Sure It's Still January?

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Cooking And Other Stuff **EDIT**
January 29, 2012

This morning I got up relatively early for a Sunday (8:30). I went to bed at 10 last night, so I got plenty of sleep, even though it was a slightly restless night.

I went to Price Rite this morning, stopped at BJ's on the way home to gas up Suzi-Q, and then came home, put the groceries away, and started cooking.

I made a pot of Moroccan Red Lentil Soup. I got the recipe from "The Chew". I also made a pot of chili, a meatloaf, and roasted up some red peppers. I also bought green beans, which I'd like to cook up with onions and bacon, but I ran out of steam. I'll do those tomorrow.

I bought some scallions, too, and anchovies, because I've been desiring a dish my grandmother used to make at New Year's. Every New Year's Eve she would make homemade pizza. And she would use the extra pizza dough to make what we called 'scallion pie'. It was basically a stuffed bread. She'd fill the dough with sauteed anchovies, scallions, raisins and pignoli, fold the dough over the filling and bake it. It was always my favorite. It's sweet, salty, a little spicy...just plain yummy.

So, I have all the ingredients for the filling, and get home, and what did I forget to buy? The damn pizza dough!! I was about to go back out just for that...and then I had a brainstorm. I have a couple cans of crescent roll dough in the fridge. I can make the filling, and make crescent pockets instead! It sounds like a good plan to me...for tomorrow.

Before I got into today's cooking marathon, though, I went out and did a pooper scooping marathon. I hadn't scooped in the last couple of it was quite a job!

Then I cooked, cleaned up the kitchen, called Mom, and then put the garbage out. I still have a couple of pots soaking in the sink. The soup is still in the big pot, and it will have to stay there till I run the dishwasher, because the biggest Tupperware bowl is in the dishwasher and it's the only one the soup will fit in. Oh well.

Yesterday's tea was very nice. The scones were especially good, and I liked the egg salad with bacon sandwiches. My only complaint was that the bread on all the sandwiches seemed if the sandwiches had been made ahead of time, and left uncovered. (if you cover them with a damp paper towel and some plastic wrap, they'll stay fresher)

We even managed to have a business meeting, and for once it zipped right along with a minimum of cross-chatter and getting off topic. Maybe we should go out to tea more often!

Even though I'd had more than enough tea and sweets yesterday, Panache wanted her tea and cookies last night. We didn't have them on Friday, cause I came home at 6:30, didn't eat dinner till 7:30, and then it just got too late, and I didn't want any. She begged for a few minutes around 8pm, but then gave up.

So last night, when she begged for them, I made a cup of tea (which I didn't finish), and got a couple of cookies. I gave her almost one whole one (broken into pieces), so she was content. After all, why shouldn't she be a Tea Lady, too? Smile

I got my 1099 from the bank the other day. Last year I made a whopping $12.57 in interest. For the year. $12.57. That is disgusting. It's criminal. 7 years ago, when I had half the amount of money in the bank that I have now, I was making that much interest in a week.

This month I earned .99 in I'm right on target for another $12 in interest this year. I think it's horrible how the banks get away with charging fees for every little thing, charging usurious interest rates on credit cards, get huge government handouts....and we get nothing but screwed. You're almost better off just stuffing your money in a mattress for all the interest you (won't) earn. FEH!

Well, there, that's my rant for the week. Nothing I can do about it, but it sure don't make me happy.

Starting yesterday, whenever I sit down, stand up, or (especially) bend over, I notice a strange sort of sharp pain in, of all places, inside my belly button! The pain only lasts a minute or two, and it's not severe, but it's there. My belly button itself is a little tender if I touch it, but again, it's not really painful. It's just odd, and a bit uncomfortable for a minute or two. Weird.

And on that peculiar note, it's time to coax Her Highness in for her supper. She's been outside since I got home from the grocery store (around 10am), and it's now 4:30.

Tonight we'll have our tea & cookies while we watch "Downton Abbey".


As soon as I turned off the computer, I remembered something I'd wanted to write about. So here I am....back again.

You know 'those' days? Stuck at the end of a long grocery line? Can't find a parking spot? All those little annoyances?

Well, today I had the flipside of one of 'those' days.

When I went to check out at Price Rite, there was no one on line. I started unloading my groceries, the girl started ringing them up, and about halfway through, I heard the manager say: "We need to get someone up here". I looked back, and there were about 8 people on line behind me!!

I bagged my groceries, went out to my car, loaded it up. Normally, I like to pull into a space so that I can pull straight out without having to back up, but I don't do that at Price Rite, cause if someone then parks behind me, I can't open my trunk to put the groceries in. So, I park so that I have to back out of the space.

Well, this morning, I loaded the car, and although there were cars in the row ahead of me, they were on either side of my car, but there was no one in the space directly in front of my I could pull straight out!!

I went on to BJ's for gas. And while there were a few cars at the station, there were still several pumps open on the driver's side (where my gas tank is). I pulled right up to one, started gassing up the car....looked around...and suddenly, there were cars waiting on line!

Oh, and coming home? All the lights were green!!! It was one of those "those" was all for ME!!!! Smile
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