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My One True Life by wayward heart
October 2012
1Sticker Shock
3A Novel Cookbook
5Beam Me Up, Scotty
6Welcome To Saturday
7 An Offer I Couldn't Refuse And A Sunday Serenade
9Babbling About Nothing Much
10Quote Du Jour
13Matinee And Messages
14 A Hawk In Suburbia?
19Staff Training Day
20Quote Du Jour
21A Clean House Is A Thing Of Beauty (& exhaustion!)
22Mum's The Word
23Better Than Prunes, Cranky Pants
25Are You SURE It's October?!
26Tea Party Preparations
28Tea Party Review
29Awaiting the Storm
30Weathering The Storm

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Matinee And Messages
October 13, 2012

I had a very nice day today, despite Panache waking me up at 7:45 (she had to pee). Then, 5 minutes after getting back into bed and just starting to warm up...she decided she also needed to poop. So, I decided to just get up for the day.

I got the laundry in the washer, paid some bills, had breakfast, got dressed, and went to the grocery store at 9am.

I had groceries to get for home, plus all the stuff to buy for the tea party (which is 2 weeks from today!). I got all that done, came home, and talked to Mom while I put things away.

By then it was nearly noon, so I had some lunch, and watched a little TV. Rick called around 2. He's coming for Thanksgiving!! HOORAY!!! I know Mike will be happy to hear he's coming, too.

We talked for awhile, and then I went over to Patti's to watch a movie with her. She's a big Gerard Butler fan, and seems determined to see every film he's ever made (and he's made a LOT of them!) I'm not as big a fan as Patti is, but I will say Butler is a versatile actor, and he's made quite a variety of movies.

Today we watched "Dear Frankie". I really liked the film. Very touching, sweet, gentle movie. No sex, no violence, no profanity, nothing gets blown up. It's a quiet, lovely little movie.

I got home around 6pm, and found a message from Lois on the answering machine. She'd called around 4. I didn't feel like calling her back, cause I was pretty tired. (I'd closed my eyes a couple of times watching the movie, and was afraid I'd doze off)

Maybe I'll try and give her a call tomorrow. I'm going to do some cooking tomorrow, and just hang around the house.

Karen called around 7:30, wanted to know if I wanted to go to BJ's with her. I declined. I was in my pj's, and nice and cozy.

I had to turn the heat on tonight. In the early afternoon, I was sitting under a blanket (fully dressed), and shivering. When I'd looked at the thermostat yesterday, it said it was 63 in the house. I assumed it still was. When I took a look at it this afternoon, though, it said 59! That's a little too chilly....even for me! So, when I got home from Patti's, I turned it on and set it at 63. As soon as I post this, though, I'll turn it off, crawl into bed and burrow under the blankets.

Yesterday brought me some very interesting mail. I got an actual letter from my brother! To say I was surprised would be an understatement. I don't think I've gotten more than 2 or 3 letters from him in my life (not counting his annual Christmas letter, which he sends to everyone).

He wanted to know if he could come and stay with me from Jan-June, so that he could resume his teaching job at the communitiy college downstate. I thought he'd quit the job when he moved to FL, but he didn't. He took a sabbatical, and said he'd like to teach at least one more semester there.

There are plenty of details to work out to see if this would be feasible....there's no good short-term housing available in the town he'd be teaching in, which is why he wants to stay with me.

He doesn't have a car (he sold his when he moved), so he would have to take a bus.....and the town is several hours away. It will be winter, and travel in this area can be treacherous that time of year.

So, whether it will end up working out for him remains to be seen. But as far as his staying here goes, that's a non-issue. Of course he can stay with me. I'd ask him to contribute nominally towards utilities and food, perhaps, but I'd love having him.

It might be hard on Mom, though. Mom depends on Brother to drive her wherever she needs to go. My godmother lives around the corner, so Mom won't be totally alone, but Ellie is 82 or 83, and has some health problems. I'm sure there are senior transport services Mom could use if necessary, and I'm sure she'd be OK. Maybe lonely, but she'd manage. And she's supposed to come up here in the Spring maybe we'd all get to spend some time together. That would be great.

Anyway, nothing is certain yet. Brother wanted to check with me first before he pursued it any further. I'm not sure he's even told Mom yet, although she said something to me the day before I got Brother's letter about his maybe moving back to NY, since he hasn't found a job in FL yet. So we shall see what happens.

Well, it's 9pm. Panache and I had our tea and cookies an hour ago, and she's been outside for about 45 minutes. That's long enough. And even though it's early to call it a night on a Saturday, I'm tired and chilly, and would love to curl up under a couple of blankets and listen to some music. So that's what I'm going to do! Goodnight, all!!! Wave

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