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My One True Life by wayward heart
October 2012
1Sticker Shock
3A Novel Cookbook
5Beam Me Up, Scotty
6Welcome To Saturday
7 An Offer I Couldn't Refuse And A Sunday Serenade
9Babbling About Nothing Much
10Quote Du Jour
13Matinee And Messages
14 A Hawk In Suburbia?
19Staff Training Day
20Quote Du Jour
21A Clean House Is A Thing Of Beauty (& exhaustion!)
22Mum's The Word
23Better Than Prunes, Cranky Pants
25Are You SURE It's October?!
26Tea Party Preparations
28Tea Party Review
29Awaiting the Storm
30Weathering The Storm

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October 17, 2012

Not much to write about.

I spent most of yesterday evening chatting with Patti on the phone. We didn't talk about anything of major importance....she bitched a little about her husband, we talked about the tea party, the paper she's writing, the tea ladies, our dogs, movies, other words, just the usual chit-chat.

We finally hung up because my cordless phone was beeping its distress call. (low battery)

Today I had an interesting conversation with my boss. We were talking about having a schedule for cleaning the toys in the Discovery Room. Some of the parents of the babies and young toddlers have expressed concern over how often the toys get cleaned (not often enough, I admit).

Pauline and I (since we're the only two Discovery Room aides who come to the staff training days) will get to spend Friday afternoon washing toys. The training ends at 3, and then there's an hour and a half allotted for "departmental meetings". Instead, we get to wash toys. Yippee. (Please note sarcasm)

Anyway, during the course of my conversation with Elissa this afternoon, I mentioned that should Pauline ever decide to retire, I would really like to have her Friday morning hours (instead of my Friday afternoon hours).

Elissa was surprised, and said she was glad I'd told her. Apparently, there have been complaints (again) about Pauline. This time, in writing. And if a complaint gets put in writing, it goes right to the director.

Elissa said they would like to have someone else in there on Friday mornings (that's when the infants and wobbly toddlers have their storytimes. It gets very busy, and I guess the complaints have come from parents who attend one of those storytimes).

She said Sarah has expressed a desire for more hours. I told Elissa that Sarah could have my Friday afternoons if I had the mornings.

The real issue is that they have to find a "pc" way to switch Pauline's hours. They wouldn't out and out fire her, I'm sure.

Elissa said she was thinking of telling the director that I had a conflict with Friday afternoons. I told her that wasn't really the case, but that I was concerned about my night driving abilities. "Oh good!", she said, "Medical reasons!!"

It's likely that nothing will come of this at all, but I'm glad I said something anyway. Otherwise, Elissa wouldn't have known I want the mornings, and might have given the hours to Sarah IF/when they became available.

Now I just wait and see what (if anything) happens.

I don't dislike Pauline. She's a nice person. She's just not the right person to be around a lot of very young children. She doesn't have the patience. I've had parents complain to me that she won't let the toddlers use the computers, and that she's gruff with them (and with their parents). When I come in on Fridays, half the markers, all the stamp pads, and the chalk and eraser are all put up out of reach.

It can get hectic and crazy in there. I know the wee ones like to nibble on the chalk, and make a mess with the markers and ink.
But they're TODDLERS. It's what they DO. Pauline doesn't want to/can't deal with that. She's better with older children, but they're in school till afternoon. She'd probably do better working in the afternoon, although I know she prefers mornings.

I'm glad this isn't my headache to deal with.

Now it's time to coax Panache inside to eat dinner. She really wants me to sit outside with her. I did for a little while when I got home, but it got a little too chilly for me, and I was hungry, so I said goodbye to Mom, hung up the phone, and came inside to eat. Panache declined my invitation to join me for dinner. Don't blame her...there won't be too many more days where she can stay out till dark.

Speaking of which, it's only 6:33, and it's already getting dark out. *sigh*

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