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My One True Life by wayward heart
November 2013
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The Festivities Continue
November 30, 2013

Rick is still asleep (at 10:30 am!), so I'm taking this opportunity to write an entry (which I hope will post, as OD hasn't let me get my notes nor to my bookmarks at all this morning).

Yesterday, Rick and I were up by 5am, in order to get him to dialysis by 6. We'd gotten a little more snow overnight, it was freezing cold, and pitch black when we left.

I haven't driven in the dark in well over a year, and with the snow, I couldn't tell if there was ice underneath, and I couldn't see the lane markings. Fortunately, there was little traffic (in spite of it being Black Friday), and we made it to the hospital safely and in time for his treatment.

I got to stay with him again this year, so we played Mad Libs on his iPad and chatted. Eventually, we both dozed off for a half hour or so.

We stopped at Rite Aid on the way home, and were back in the house by 11am. We had some turkey sandwiches, and then at noon we both went to bed and took a 2 hour nap!

Mike called around 2:40, wanted to know if he could come by so we could spend some time together. So he came over and brought the music he's been working on so Rick could hear it in progress (it's good!)

Then Lois called while Mike was here, and she wanted to come over to see the portrait I painted of Panache and to visit. (I only saw her at breakfast on Wed). So, she came while Mike was here and we all chatted for a half hour or so.

We were invited over to Karen's for leftovers and a movie, so Mike left, Lois opted to walk over, and Rick and I drove. (He can't walk that far, especially not in the cold).

Scott smoked their Thanksgiving turkey. It was really delicious, and not too smokey tasting. The gravy, made from the pan drippings, though, was a little too smokey. And I noticed this morning, when I put my winter coat on to let Panache out, that it smells of smoke!!

We had a good dinner, and then we watched "The Polar Express". It was Lois' request. I'm glad, cause I love the movie, and it's a tradition of ours to watch it every year. So, while most of our Thanksgiving traditions have changed, it was nice that at least ONE tradition remained.

We were there till 11pm, and then we came home and Rick and I spent some time listening to music on his iPad. We finally went to bed around 2am. It was such a topsy turvy day, being up so early, and then napping so long in the afternoon.

There was a really funny moment last night while we were watching "Polar Express". Karen came out of the bedroom wearing a large fluffy polka dot bathrobe. As she walked past Lois, Lois said, "Oh, you look like the polka dot elephant from the island of misfit toys".

Karen stopped, and gaped at Lois, and sputtered, "I look like an elephant?!?", until Lois finally realized what she'd said.

We all (including Karen) cracked up laughing. (maybe you had to be there, but it was pretty damn funny).

Well, I hear Rick stirring around (finally!), and I'm on the phone with my Mom, so I guess I'll try posting this. I have to make turkey soup today (Peg gave me the carcass on Thurs. I put it out on the porch, and had to bring it in this morning cause it was frozen solid!)

I have to say, this has been a really nice Thanksgiving. I enjoyed meeting Peg's family, they were all very friendly. Peg was sweet, when I asked if there was anything I could do to help, she said no, that I'd hosted for many years and it was my turn to relax and do nothing.

Ah, Rick IS up (I just saw him go by on his way to the kitchen). So, I will close here, and hope this posts. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and plenty of leftovers!
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