Today is September 25, 2018
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My One True Life by wayward heart
November 2014
1An Unwxpected Journwy
4My Last Night
7Another Chapter Begins
8A Better Day
9A Lazy Sunday
12Happy Birthday To Me
13As The Days Go By
14Always Something
15Who's That Nibbling On My House?
19Settling In
21WARNING: Whining, Whinging, And General Pity Party
23Still Homesick
24It's The Little Things
27Sorrowful, Grateful
28Thanksgiving Recap
29The Stockings Are Here....

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Thanksgiving Recap
November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving dinner at Maria's was very nice last night. Very, very late, but very nice. Her daughter, Jamie did most of the cooking. We (Ellie, Mom, Brother, and I) got there around 6.

We sat in the dining room with Maria, visiting and waiting for dinner. And waiting. And waiting. At 7:30, Jamie served butternut bisque. It was delicious (but could've been hotter. I don't like tepid soup).

Then she went back in the kitchen, and we visited some more. And waited. And waited. Around 8:15, Jamie came back out with miniature spinach-ricotta tarts and miniature mushroom tarts. Both were very tasty.

Then she and Maria went back into the kitchen and left us in the dining room. We chatted and waited. And waited. And waited. The turkey was finally served at 9 PM!!

Maria made the dressing, and it was by far my favorite tasted just like my maternal grandmother's! Even Mom agreed it tasted like Grandma's. I always loved my grandma's bread stuffing, and hadn't had it in years (she's been gone for 20 years) tasting it again brought tears to my eyes.

We finally had dessert around 10. Jamie made a pumpkin caramel mousse pie which was good. She also made pumpkin muffins (which I didn't try), mini chocolate pecan pie tarts, which were good, and a pumpkin fudge which I really liked.

We didn't get home till almost 11pm. Ellie swears this is the last year she'll go over there for Thanksgiving because it's just too late for her to eat. I don't know why dinner was so late, either.....but it's a good thing we had our Spam beforehand!

I slept in this morning. Tim called and we had a nice visit. Then Maria dropped by to pick up the hostess gift we forgot to bring her. She stayed for awhile.

Mom and I went out for awhile (I had to bring some 'samples' to the lab). I wanted to go register my car (finally), but the place we had to go was closed for the holiday. I got gas for Suzi-Q, and we stopped at Publix, but they didn't have ricotta (Brother's b'day is Tues and Mom always makes him stuffed shells for dinner). I want to get my hair cut, too, but the hairdresser's was busy, so I didn't bother. So, the trip was mostly a waste of time.

Mom and I came home, and Brother went out. I had asked him if I could ride along with him one day, but so far, he hasn't offered to have me come along, and I haven't asked again.

I'm trying to get my bearings and learn my way, but it's frustrating. All the interconnected parking lots and driveways get me very confused. Mom doesn't drive, so she's not a very good navigator. "Go this way" with a vague wave, isn't as helpful as "Turn left at the second driveway". I really think I need a GPS....but I'm not sure that would help in parking lots.

Monday I have to impose on Brother again. I have a dr's appointment at 11:30, and I'm not sure how to get there, even though he drove me there the other day. I don't mind if he drops me off and comes back fact, that's the BEST I can hope for....he wouldn't wait for 10 minutes for me the other day (I was waiting for the dr to write out a prescription for me).....I certainly can't expect him to wait while I have an actual appointment with the dr.

And that's about all that's new from here. Mom is already starting to get herself worked up over getting ready for Christmas. I'm not anywhere near being in the holiday mood.

Brother just brought in the mail. I got a Thanksgiving card from Rick's mom. I'd sent them a change of address card, and meant to call them yesterday, but to be honest, I didn't because it hurt too much. Maybe I'll call this weekend. I miss him so much, especially this weekend.
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