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My One True Life by wayward heart
September 2015
1As the Gentle Rain From Heaven
2Quote Du Jour
3An Outing For Nougat
4The Daily Nougat
5Interesting Weather We're Having
6Seeing Dad
7Breathing Space
8Hit The Rack, Ronnie
10Bygone Meals
11Gremlin Dog
12A Good Noogie Day
13Quote Du Jour
14A Sit Outside Kind of Day
15Can You Imagine?
16Taking Myself To Breakfast
19Non Rolling Peas
20I Want Your Mommy!!
21Time To Oil My Mother
23It Ain't Over Till......
24Monster In the Garage
25Mist Over The Lake
26Nougat and Her Wonder Tongue
27BANG!!! BANG!!!
28Crappy Day
29Nothing Much.....But There It Is
30I Had A Title This Morning, But I've Forgotten It Now.....

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The Daily Nougat
September 4, 2015

Today was grocery shopping day. As soon as Nougat saw me putting on a sundress and shoes, she got all excited. She ran to the shelf where I keep her leash and harness, and stood there, tail wagging furiously, hope in her eyes. I felt guilty having to squash that hope and tell her she couldn't come with us.

But I tried to make it up to her. I bought a box of Rice Chex (we use them as treats), and a box of Iams Biscuits. Those are 'special' treats....for when she gets groomed, or remembers to stay in the hall and not run into the garage. She got one when we came home from the store. That made her happy.

The last few evenings, she's been much less frenzied. She still has 10 minutes or so of sheer around the house, growling, leaping onto the furniture, then leaping off to race around some more.

But I've noticed that while her energy level is high, she doesn't appear quite as manic. And now, she grabs a toy to run around with, and will even bring it to us. She won't necessarily let us have the toy, but she'll play tug with it, and while she still growls while tugging, the level of aggression in her growl is far less. It's becoming a more playful sound.

Sometimes, she will relinquish the toy. For which she gets much praise, and of course we either give the toy back, or toss it for her to get. She's slowly learning to play WITH us, although it's very funny to see how well she entertains herself with her toys....chasing them across the hardwood floor. She is least likely to let my brother have her toy, and she growls most fervently at him, but there has been no more snapping or attempts at biting.

The other night we gave Nougat a new rawhide bone. She pranced around to show it off, and then jumped up on the couch where Mom was sitting, carefully pulled back the sheet that covers the couch; set her bone gently on end in the corner of the sofa; and then proceeded to use her snout to push the sheet back over the bone to 'bury' it. It looked like she was trying to tuck it in bed! She partially uncovered it once, and rearranged the sheet to be sure the bone was safely hidden.

Then she jumped off the couch. Mom was still sitting there. A few minutes later, Mom decided to put her feet up on the couch. OH NO!!!

Nougat flew into action! She wanted Mom's feet down OFF that couch. They were entirely too close to her bone! She jumped up on the couch and tried to hump Mom's leg. Then she tried to nip at Mom's feet. Then she jumped down, and sat in front of Mom, but kept staring att he corner where her bone was hidden. She was so afraid that Mom would find her bone.....even though Mom had been sitting right there when she 'buried' it!!!

Watching Nougat's antics in the evening is better entertainment than anything that's on TV!!

And she's got her routines:
  • Up in the morning (between 7-7:30) and out for potty time
  • Back to bed till breakfast (around 8am)
  • Breakfast
  • Back outside for as long as I let her
  • In for morning nap
  • Out around 11-11:30. Lizard patrol. Possible pee
  • Lunch with Brother around noon
  • afternoon nap
  • Out in mid afternoon
  • Another nap
  • Bathroom time between 4-4:30
  • Start getting restless for dinner around 5
  • Dinner between 5:30-6
  • Outside for a half hour or so
  • Back in for some play time
  • TV time till 8
  • Outside for evening lizard patrol
  • Dessert time around 9
  • Dinner with Brother around 10
  • Crazy time (this is variable....sometimes it occurs before dessert time, other times later in the evening)
  • Settle down time
  • Bedtime, including teeth brushing between 11-midnight.
  • Sleep

If I 'forget' any of the routine, or forget what time it is, she lets me know. Right now, it's a little after 5, and she's starting to get ready for her supper. She'll come and look at me, or at Mom. Sit in front of me and stare at me. Or jump up and put her paws on me, the better to look into (or lick) my face. If all else fails, she'll take my hand in her mouth to bring me where she wants. She knows how to get her message across! (Right now, she's telling Mom it's supper time.....Mom, of course, is obliging her

We're having stuffed eggplant. I made another batch of hummus this afternoon (Brother eats it by the vat-full!), and a corn-black bean-and-feta salad. We'll have that tomorrow perhaps, as a side dish.

Well, as long as Nougat is going to have dinner, we might as well have ours, too.

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