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My One True Life by wayward heart
September 2015
1As the Gentle Rain From Heaven
2Quote Du Jour
3An Outing For Nougat
4The Daily Nougat
5Interesting Weather We're Having
6Seeing Dad
7Breathing Space
8Hit The Rack, Ronnie
10Bygone Meals
11Gremlin Dog
12A Good Noogie Day
13Quote Du Jour
14A Sit Outside Kind of Day
15Can You Imagine?
16Taking Myself To Breakfast
19Non Rolling Peas
20I Want Your Mommy!!
21Time To Oil My Mother
23It Ain't Over Till......
24Monster In the Garage
25Mist Over The Lake
26Nougat and Her Wonder Tongue
27BANG!!! BANG!!!
28Crappy Day
29Nothing Much.....But There It Is
30I Had A Title This Morning, But I've Forgotten It Now.....

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Mist Over The Lake
September 25, 2015

I'm glad it's Friday, though I don't really see what difference it makes. Every day is pretty much the same here. Today wasn't a particularly good day, though.

Mom's in a mood. First, the washer isn't working right (the repairman is coming Monday afternoon). She's got tendinitis, and is taking prednisone, which she hates. Her computer has a virus or something. We've run her antivirus program, but it didn't find anything wrong....but something definitely is. She think it (whatever 'it' is) came from an email my godmother sent her. It very well might have, since Mom basically does only 2 things on the computer: occasionally listens to the classical music radio station out of NY, and browses the ebooks on the library website.

Anyway, I looked at her computer, but I don't know how to fix it, so she wants to take it to the computer guy in town. No problem....I said we could go this afternoon. But she wants me to go in with her, because she 'won't understand what he's telling her'. This means we can't bring Nougat.... can't leave her alone, in the car OR home (though maybe we should), so we have to wait till tomorrow when Brother is home to watch her.

So, she's all upset and nervous about the computer, the washer, and the prednisone. I'm just trying to stay out of her way. (though I did try to help with the computer)

I got Nougat brushed and combed this afternoon. She even let me snip a snarl or two off her ear, and she let me clean her ears, too, without any fuss at all. Eventually, I'll try introducing her to the PediPaws. I tried awhile ago, but I think it was too much, too soon, and it didn't go well. Let her get accustomed to being groomed, and be relaxed about it, and then I can slowly introduce the nail trimmer. No need to traumatize her.

Talked to Tim for awhile this afternoon, too. Carol called this morning, but I haven't called her back. Tomorrow is her birthday, and I was planning to call her then.....I don't see any reason to call her twice. We talked last Sat AND Sun....and that's plenty for one week.

Didn't do much else today. Started reading another book. So far, it's a little depressing, but pretty good.

Now I'm off to pay bills, and then we'll see what else I can get into.

I've been craving Chinese food for the last few days. I would suggest going out, but we can't leave Nougat. I feel guilty if I go by myself cause Nougat is my responsibility, and I feel like I'm imposing on Mom to ask her to watch Nougat so I can go have fun....especially by myself. Plus, Mom doesn't get out at all unless it's with Brother or me.

But I have to get over that.....Brother doesn't feel guilty about leaving her home and going out (and I'm not talking about his going to work); and if I don't go out, I'll go nuts.

Last night, I was reading the local weekly newspaper and noticed that the Parks Dept sponsors day trips. I'd never noticed them advertising that before, and I made a comment to that effect. Mom snarkily responded, "You can't be taking any trips. You have a dog now."

I hadn't realized that it was an either/or proposition. I didn't say anything to her, but next time she makes a comment like that, I may just say, "Do you want to bring her back to the pound?"

I'm sure Mom would be appalled at the very idea. She dotes on Noogie even more than I do. And if it does have to be a choice.....I'd choose Noogie any day. But I've had dogs before, AND WORKED FULL TIME. I don't see how having a dog precludes having or doing anything ELSE in life.

Hopefully, Mom will feel more like herself in a day or two, and then I'll feel better, too.

It was foggy this morning, with a beautiful mist over the lake. Very tranquil. I've been trying to hold onto that image to get me through the day. It's helped a lot.

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