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My One True Life by wayward heart
September 2015
1As the Gentle Rain From Heaven
2Quote Du Jour
3An Outing For Nougat
4The Daily Nougat
5Interesting Weather We're Having
6Seeing Dad
7Breathing Space
8Hit The Rack, Ronnie
10Bygone Meals
11Gremlin Dog
12A Good Noogie Day
13Quote Du Jour
14A Sit Outside Kind of Day
15Can You Imagine?
16Taking Myself To Breakfast
19Non Rolling Peas
20I Want Your Mommy!!
21Time To Oil My Mother
23It Ain't Over Till......
24Monster In the Garage
25Mist Over The Lake
26Nougat and Her Wonder Tongue
27BANG!!! BANG!!!
28Crappy Day
29Nothing Much.....But There It Is
30I Had A Title This Morning, But I've Forgotten It Now.....

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Nougat and Her Wonder Tongue
September 26, 2015

That's what my brother called her as we were eating dinner. She stood on her hind legs, put her front paws on the table. She was not trying to reach our dinner plates, however. She was trying to reach the pile of kibble we have on the table as her 'treats'. (Personally, I would have thought ham and butternut squash and sauteed apples would be more tempting than kibble. But I guess she figured anything was better than nothing, and we obviously weren't offering her anything else)

Today was a sort of busy-ish day. At least in the morning/early afternoon. Mom wanted to run to Publix 'just' for milk and cream. I waited in the car. 20 mins later, she comes out, accompanied by one of the baggers, who proceeds to load SIX grocery bags into the car!! I don't even know what all she bought besides the milk and cream (which should've been 2 bags, max)

She also wanted to bring her computer in to the repairman because of the virus or whatever it was. So, she and I dropped it off on the way home from Publix. She insisted I come in with her. He told us to come back just before 1 pm and he'd have it ready.

Brother has been wanting to take Nougat in the car for a long time. But his car (a Pontiac Aztek) would be difficult for her to get into (Hell, I can't get into it without using a stepstool). When it was time to go pick up Mom's computer, though, he came along in my car so we could bring Nougat. He sat in the back with her, and I'm not sure which one of them was happier!

So, Mom goes in to get her computer, and she's in there for quite awhile. Finally, she comes to the door and motions for me to go in, so the repairman can explain what he had to do. He set up a whole new user account, so I'm going to have to reconfigure her email (he would have done it, but she couldn't remember her password). I'll probably work on her computer tomorrow, in between changing the sheets and taking a shower. Can't do laundry till after the repairman comes Monday afternoon.

When we got home, I lay down for a nap. Nougat usually only lets me nap for an hour, but Brother was home today, and between him and Mom, they kept her busy and I got to sleep for TWO hours! (until Wonder Tongue decided she needed to go out. Somehow, neither of them can take her out....that's strictly my job).

She and I went out for 45 minutes or so, then we came in and had dinner. She had her dinner, too. She wanted to go back outside again, but I told her she'd have to wait till I finished this. She's asleep by my feet.

In a half hour, it'll be time for "A Prairie Home Companion". If my Kindle is sufficiently charged, Nougat and I will go outside and listen. (If not, I'll have to stay here on the computer. She won't be happy about that. Neither will I). And that's the day.
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